Monday 10 September 2018

Homemaking Mondays: I Shall Be Glad To

Welcome to Homemaking Mondays!

I shall be glad to.  
Is that what comes to mind when we have homemaking tasks to do? 

When I was growing up this was the unsaid motto in my home.  
Good or bad...and sometimes ugly... I shall be glad to. 
I want this to be my motto for always.
Are we willing to put ourselves into the position of doing all these tasks gladly? 
Do we do them with a smile on our faces... or with a grumble in our hearts? 

1 Thessalonians 5:18
" In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you."

Not all jobs that are needful in homemaking are pleasant or fun. We often don't feel spurred on with gladness when we're tired or the task unpleasant.  It is all in the attitude we have towards our homes and the needs of those that dwell therein.  We need to consider the attitude we have, for it is shared with those around us.  We all know if mom is grumpy it creates an unpleasant mood in the home.
We need to guard our hearts from this.  Leaving no room for evil to root.

Yes, laundry means there are clothes for our families...that are worn.
Toys laying around and disheveled couches mean there are children playing.
Meals mean dishes.
Math drills mean endless repetition.  
Then there is the bathroom...that needs almost constant attention. 

All of these things do not need to be a burden, they can be a blessing, and even a joy!  

Do you hum while your work? 
Do you let your children join you in these tasks?  Sometimes the chatter of our children makes things so enjoyable. Seeing things through their eyes is sometimes refreshing.  Sometimes just hearing a child cleaning the toilet (and all the comments that go along with it) give pause to laughter!  
You can open windows for fresh air and to hear the birds or children playing.
There are times when I've had a particularly hard day..the children are at each other and the mood is altogether horrible.  I've out of the blue...did a silly dance and sang a silly song...including the kids in  it and all has changed from gloom to laughter! For them and for me!

There are times when we can give pause to thank the Lord for these tasks. For the ability to be home to care for our families.  To have a home that we can dwell.  
Does it give you joy to just be there? 
I have not always been blessed with being a full time keeper of the home.  Sometimes for me all the attitude adjustment I need is to think about what life was like when I couldn't be home.  All jobs have work...but the work of the home is an enormous blessing!

Do you take note of the little details?  Sometimes on very hard days it is worth taking a few minutes to just pause and recount the blessing we have. For the salvation the Lord Jesus gives, for the things He provides for you, for the people he has given you to care for.  It often gives us renewed strength to pick up the broom or plunge our hands into the soapy dish water again. 

In everything give thanks... it leads to joy, and it leads to our hearts saying I shall be glad to!

Love and Prayers,


fiona said...

Hello Jennifer,

Attitude is key.

I sing a lot anyway but it
definitely helps me when
working on household tasks.

Take Care x

mamasmercantile said...

A lovely reminder...I indeed shall be glad to.