Monday 20 January 2020

Homemaking Mondays: Even Chairs Need Socks

I'm moving around a bit more..and able to sit more now. 
I've been playing with some yarn.  
I made a small pair of socks for a special little one. 
They should keep her feet nice and warm. 

Then I started this new project...
socks for the kitchen table chairs. 
My son laughed when I told him to put on the first ones...
he said," socks for everything".  

I have thought of doing this before.
Now just seemed to be the right time for them.
Do you have things like that in life?
Where things just don't happen until much later 
then you would think they should?

It's been super cold here in the Yukon and as we've been waiting 
for it to warm up...the creosote has been building up 
in our chimney as we didn't want the stove to go out. 

If finally warmed up to -20C and it was so nice!!! 
We let the fire go out...and my sweet oldest daughter 
got up on the roof in my stead and swept that chimney nice and clean!  
Then my younger daughter helped me clear out all the soot and ashes from the stove.
Lastly my youngest son came to join in the fun of scrubbing the outside of the stove. 
It would take a whole lot more scrubbing with heavier steel wool 
to get all the discolouration off the stove top...but that will be for another day.  
For now it's clean enough to be put back into regular use.  
I love it when you can run your hand over the warm stove...
as the fire is just getting going. Smooth and warm.
SO thankful for this stove to heat our home and cook our food. 

OH, if you look at the picture below and get nervous about the paper 
so close to the stove...don't be. 
There is a cold air intake under and beside the bin of kindling and paper.
It's got frost on it and is letting super frigid air into the house. 
I don't let it stay all the way open...but we need the fresh air for the stove to run well....
and for us to continue to breath healthy to. 

Praying you are enjoying the winter. 
Staying warm and keeping your fingers busy. 

Love and Prayers,


mamasmercantile said...

A joy to see the stove and what a blessing it is to you.

Sunshine Country said...

We used to have an old wood burning stove when I was small, but we never used it for cooking that I remember. It always did well heating up the room for us, though! Now we just have a fireplace which is not as efficient, but still helps some. I always enjoy working on a project near the fire on cold days. :)

living from glory to glory said...

Hello, So glad you're healing !!!
Loved Seeing your beautiful stove!
Sending a (Warm Hug) LOL Roxy

Linda Shukri said...

Love your stove. It reminds me of my grandmother's combination gas and wood stove when I was growing up. it was large like yours, but still different looking. Had the round burner plates you'd remove with handles. They didn't heat the house with it though. Had central heat with coal when I was growing up. Later on, my aunt - who lived in that house most of her life - put in gas heat. When I was growing up I remember my grandfather getting coal delivered through a shoot into the basement and my grandmother had the old wringer/washing machine in the basement. I'd help her put the clothes through the wringer. Then she'd hang them on the clothesline outside.