Monday 1 May 2017

Spring Crocus Delights

Hello!  Happy Spring to you!

I'd love to share some pictures of the crocus that grows on our hill.  

Every spring we wait in sweet expectation for them to come out. They with their soft feathery buds that hide a gorgeous purple treat inside!  

They are such a beautiful burst of colour after a long winter and cheer us so much!  Their amazing yellow centres have been attracting the local bees already.  They are fun to watch as they buzz from flower to flower.  

These northern crocus are special in that they have the wonderful hairy or feathery covering to protect them from the cold.  

We have som little trees that cover our yard, and this one peeked my interest this day.  It's just little, but it will get huge over time.

I love how the needles are such a bright green colour!

My daughter takes lots of pictures as well, and I'm posting some of them for you to see.  She takes great close up pictures. 

One morning while it was still very frosty she went to check on the crocus.  She found that they were covered in frost and so lovely!  

The frost melted off and they were undamaged.  How amazing God has made these flowers.

Praying you have a blessed day!  


Danielle Dunn said...

So pretty! I like the purple colour on the hillside. :)

God's Grace Overflows said...

Such an amazing flower indeed! I love the color. :)
Your daughter has an eye...Love the frost!
That little pine tree is adorable. I love how soft their needles are when they are young..and that color is so vibrant. New life! God sure did create amazing beauty all around for us to enjoy!

I hope you have a delightful week Jennifer!

Hugs, Amy

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

You have bragging rights on the fuzzy purple pulsatilla, mine only has leaves emerging so far. I've purchased the red, and white varieties but they disappear after a year or so whereas the purple comes back reliably.