Tuesday 13 September 2011

Cranberry Syrup

Happy Fall Everyone! Here in the Yukon it's very fall, the leaves are turned and falling and the berries are ripe for the picking.  For me, my favorite are the low bush cranberries!  I love to pick, eat and preserve them so they can be enjoyed all year long.  Or, until they run out of course. 

This is part of a batch of cranberry syrup that I've made.  It's wonderful on pancakes and french toast! I've dressed up the jars a bit for gifts.  I saw this beautiful leaf patterned material in berry colours and thought it was meant to be.  The material is actually from an old parka. I love to recycle whenever possible.  I cut out some cranberry cardstock with decorative scissors (Rocky Mountain) and adhered it to some white cardstock.  Then I added an eyelet so I could tie it on with some ribbon.  For an added fall touch I stamped a leaf with cranberry ink on each tag.  I pray they are enjoyed!

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Hannah Clark said...

It all looks so yummy!