Thursday 3 May 2018

Life is Beautiful!

Life is Beautiful! 
God is so good and has blessed us all with so many things to enjoy!

For Mother's Day coming up I started to think about what I could send to my Mom.  
Something that she could use, and enjoy as well.  
I'm like her...I like beauty and practical to mix.

I know she loves flowers and working in her kitchen.
SO I decided to make her a new fresh apron and a couple tea towels.

I pulled out some floral material that I had in colours I know she'll enjoy. 
Then I dug through my lace stash until I found some that matched nicely.  

Some with just a touch of frilliness, and softness. 
Then I also picked out a doily to match.  

It is so nice to start putting together items and seeing how things come together. 
I'm not one for trying a lot of new things, but stick with the things I know. 

I sewed the top border on after attaching the straps to the back piece, and that hid the stitches from the front, and I like the look of that better.  

I cut out a strip of each colour for the towels, and found 
some other lace to tuck under the edge of it.

Here are a couple close up pictures so you can see the pattern of the material better. 

Then lastly, what is a gift without a card? 

I put this together with a lovely printable from Shoregirl Creation's.
I embossed a piece of yardstick with a lacy folder and added lace. 
Then I felt it needed to be softened a bit I added the cheesecloth underneath.  
Then come the flowers.  My family found these couple of boxes of flowers for me long ago and they were perfect for this.  Then I added tiny brads to the little flowers and rhinestones to the larger ones.
The stamp on the front of the postcard is from a new set that I found at the Dollar Store. 

I hope she enjoys what is coming her way. 

Thanks for dropping by! 



mamasmercantile said...

A beautiful gift, made with love. I am sure your Mum will treasure it.

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Jennifer, your mom will love these handmade gifts. I'm always happy to hear of another apron wearing mother as I've worn a full one for years and have a few favourites. The coordinating card is pretty and I like the printable you chose to use.

Danielle Dunn said...

Grandma will love them. :)

Sarah said...

Beautiful work! My mom often requests a new apron for Mother's Day. : )
I love the colors you chose, and the trim is the perfect finishing touch! May you have a blessed Mother's Day!

Margie said...

What a great gift for your mom. I'm sure she'll love it! I also like to give gifts that are functional and beautiful/fun!