Thursday 17 May 2018

Road Trip Across Canada: British Columbia

Hello!  Today I have some fun things to share with you about our study of British Columbia.

It was an amazing adventure amongst all the roads and ferry systems they have in British Columbia! 
There are areas of mountain of the Rocky Mountain range that goes all down the west coast of North America.  There are places of hot wonderful growing areas like the Okanogan Valley that is famous for it's fruit! Just think apples, peaches, apricots, cherries, blueberries.....and so much more!
We learned about what lives along the beaches and in tidal pools.  
One thing we learned was that they use canoes a lot there.  They even have a wonderful bathtub boat race in Nanaimo!  Check it out on fun! 

We learned about some wonderful islands up the coast, how many places are only accessible by ferry or float plane/ boat.  

We learned about whale migration up the coast, and seals. :)  

SO when we joined our homeschool friends, we decided to make some canoes of our own.  Since canoes have and still do play big role in getting around this amazing province. 
We built frames out of skewer sticks and hot glue...then used balloons to cover them with. 

They turned out great! 

They even float!  We played with them in the sink for a bit. :) 

Here is a view of the inside framework.

We weighted it with clay  to keep them upright in the water.

We ate Nanaimo Bars....

and had some baked salmon.  There are lots of salmon in British Columbia along with many other sea foods that are popular along the coasts. 

British Columbia is a wonderful place to see so many places...and then there are also so many miles of just open wilderness!  

Thanks for joining us! 


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Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

How wonderful for your children to learn about the beautiful province of BC! We just visited BC a week or so ago, and it truly is an amazing and beautiful place! We have been to the Okanagan Valley, and it is so incredibly lush and green, just a gorgeous place. I loved the little boats that you made using skewers and balloons, how creative is that! And baked salmon is so delicious! Truly a wonderful way for your children to learn about BC. Hugs to you today :)