Wednesday 30 May 2018

Road Trip Across Canada: Ontario and Quebec

Hello!  Next stop on our Road Trip Across Canada is Ontario and then Quebec.

These two provinces share so many things in common as they go from Canadian Shield to Lowlands by the St. Lawrence or Great Lakes. 
They share the same kinds of animal and bird species.  
But there are marked differences in culture as Quebec is predominantly French, 
and Ontario is predominantly English.  

Again we read lots of books!!!
Here is a smattering of some of them.

We also took to Google Maps (satellite) to see where some of my relatives live in Ontario, and to check out the Niagara Falls.
We took to World Book Encyclopedia Online to learn about the Sault Locks.  Which allow the big ships to travel between Lake Superior and Lake Huron.  
We learned about the beautiful Georgian Bay and the amazing Algonquin National Park.  
We checked out a friends blog who shared some of the pictures of her adventures in this park, and also her visit to the Royal Canoes Museum.  Very interesting!  A place that we most certainly would pull our truck up to and stay awhile! 

We talked a bit about the farming that goes on in Ontario as my grandparents long ago had a farm there, and now one of my dear cousins and her husband have a dairy farm!
While we learned about the Great Lakes, we leaned about ship wrecks and water pollution.

As we travelled more towards Quebec, we stopped off in Ottawa and talked a bit about the parliament buildings and the capital of Canada.  

Once in Quebec, we learned about the St. Lawrence Seaway and all the wonderful different shorelines.  From forested to great beaches.  
We had a wonderful internet search for Quebec landscapes and found there are many wonderful parks and trial systems to explore there.  
We visited the Chateau Frontenac, and walked along it's boardwalk.  
We meandered through the old buildings full of history and visited the Quebec City Military Fort.  

We talked about hydro-electric dams that are in Quebec. Then there are the Cabana a Sucre stores!  Do you love maple syrup? Other then just on pancakes?
We explored the winter sights of the Carnaval de Quebec with the canoe river races, the human bowling, and oh the sledding tracks!  

We checked out different kinds of food for this part of Canada.  In Ontario, there is so much diversity that it was hard to narrow anything down.  So we looked to Quebec.  
We found that a pork dish called Ramekin Tourtieres sounded good, so we made our own version of it.  I didn't have little pretty dishes to cook it in, so we made it separately.  Very interesting, something we'd have again for sure!   

Then we wanted to have something with maple syrup since it's popular in both Ontario and Quebec. 
We didn't want the we made the sugar pie!
Oh yum yum yum!!!

We joined our homeschool group to share with them what we learned. 
We made little ones to share, and kept the big moose one 
(since we didn't have a maple leaf cutter) for home. 
It was very sweet, but it tasted more like a caramel then regular maple syrup. 

These are both interesting provinces with so much to offer in both adventures in the forests, history, and fun activities to do.

I hope you enjoyed a bit of our study of these provinces.  


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Margie said...

I'm playing catch-up and just found out that you took a road trip across Canada. Very cool! I live just an hour away from Niagara Falls. Glad that your family had fun exploring Ontario and Quebec. Thanks for the comment on blog!