Saturday 26 May 2018

Cool Comforts

Today I just have some odd cool comforts to share with you.  
Above is a new shawl I made using Bernat Pop yarn in Violet Vision.  You can find the pattern here! 
A sweet friend of mine made one of these shawls and it was so lovely I asked for the pattern. :)  

My daughter's pink violet that she keeps above the kitchen sink is blooming and it's so lovely! 
I also adore this little tea pot from a dear friend.  It says Friends warm the Heart.  Then I also keep my little tea strainer easily accessible.  I just put up the screen on the window a few days ago as the bugs are starting to come out.  
On that note, the bats have come back to roost in the garage wall.  I'm not fond of the fact that they make the garage stink, but that they eat so many bugs!!!

It's so cold here this spring that I've not even planted all of my's all ready for seeds though. We got some rain today and I hope that it'll help the leaves come out on the trees, they are just barely able to flutter in the wind now. 

Another cold comfort for me are the flowers!  
I have some amazing pansies that I found this spring.  I'll be saving some seeds from these for sure!  I have them planted in a box by my front door.  

I also have some lovely metal pails of flowers planted.  
Dusty Miller, Lobelia, Pansies, and Petunias. I have two pots like the one above.

Then I have a pail with sweet william that was a gift from my children. 

The fireweed are starting to come up and the grass is starting to have a green tinge to it.  
The weather has been so cold that things aren't wanting to break forth just yet.  
All in the right time it will happen...then we'll get to plant things outside. 

Praying you have a lovely day! 


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Christine said...

I enjoy flowers! I have all kinds except pansies! I like them but have used them. I’m curious, how do you save their seeds?