Monday 28 August 2017

Blueberry Jam and Sweet Relish

Hello!  Thanks for dropping by!  

Today I would love to share with you the jam and sweet pickle relish I made. 

Starting with the relish, I grated up some cucumbers that I was given by a neighbour, some sweet bell peppers, and some local grown onions.  I sprinkled them with salt and let them sit for a couple hours. 

Then after I rinsed and drained them I made the brine.  

I then dumped all the mixture into the brine and cooked it down. 

Then I filled some jars and set them into the water bath canner for the prescribed time.  

I saved out a tiny bit that wouldn't fit in the jars to just eat right away...yum!

Then while those jars were in the canner I started on the blueberries.  I had a bit of help from my son to help "smash" the berries.  I don't have a potato masher, but this meat tenderizer works good to. 

Then into the pot with pectin and later sugar.  

I love the part of filling the jars.  I invested in a metal canning funnel and it is so very useful for canning and many other things around the kitchen! 

Then of course the happy sounds of pinging lids as they all come out of the canner!  

Have you been preserving food?  It is a fun thing for me to do and is very much worth the extra effort.  Plus it frees up freezer space.  

I hope you are having a wonderful day! 


Andrea Ostapovitch said...

Both look so wonderful. I like to make pickles, juices, jellies, salsa and sometimes I can tomatoes if there are too many. It is really fun and I like filling up my cold room with goodies.
Happy Harvest!

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

What a beautiful display of your work! My dad used to can a lot of things and I remember sitting there and 'counting' the 'pings' as the jars sealed. I freeze a lot of herbs and I do make pesto that I freeze for the winter. If I get a good deal on produce, I will freeze that but I haven't canned anything in years. It's so rewarding to see those jars sitting on the shelf waiting to be used. We are going to pick apples soon so maybe I'll make applesauce (another thing my dad used to do!)

Lady Locust said...

Oh, the poink of the lids popping and unconsciously counting as they go. I love that sound. Also, there's something about the smell of berries heating that brings a sense of autumn to the kitchen isn't there?

God's Grace Overflows said...

All of it just looks so good!!
We canned relish last year. So much fun! Well anything you can and put back is fun in my opinion. Haven't done any yet this year, but will be here soon. We have to can salsa and some jelly.
I've been dehydrating a lot. I did peaches and some wild mushrooms. Yum!

I hope you have a great week my friend!