Monday 4 September 2017

In the Details of Fall Beauty!

Hello!  Just popping in for a bit to share some of the fall beauty that we've been seeing this week.  

I've been busy getting ready for our school lessons to begin.  Finishing up some summer projects and getting ready for winter. We'll be ordering some firewood soon, and we had to get the woodshed ready.  

Our garden is finished, and most of our flowers are finished as well. 

We are enjoying the beautiful colour that is coming out in the trees and vegetation.   

The berries are starting to all ripen and you can see the colour popping up from the forest floor. 

This is one of our favourite spots to go to on our river.  The river curves around and leaves this one area with lots of sand and "warmer" puddles.  

My kids were wading around the last couple days...but I myself like to stay in the warm sand. :)  

The sand was warm and deep and perfect for digging ones' toes into. 

There were a myriad of little tiny mushrooms in the sand amongst the horsetail.  

We found a new nest that was up in one of the spruce trees close to the water's edge. 

The fireweed is just coming out in gorgeous colour!

The wild roses are changing into lovely yellows and oranges as well. 

While down by the river my kids found these interesting creatures.  They were in these little pyramid type things pointed out into the stream of water.  The girls took a couple out and after a bit these creatures started to climb out of them.  They didn't bite or anything, but I think they're kinda creepy looking!  Something we'll be looking up.  

*we looked it up and couldn't find anything and then sweet Wendy wrote me about the caddisflies she's seen, and they must be some of these.  They make their homes out of what they find in the environment around them. The ones in our river have a pyramid shape.   Very interesting! 

Then as we were walking home through the forest the last time, I noticed this cool outcropping of fungi on a log beside the trail.  SO many little details that have us stopping and pondering. 

Thank you for dropping by!  It's nice to be able to share with others some of the things I find interesting in life.  

I find that there is so much to learn and enjoy around us, that often gets missed in busyness.  Lets slow down in life to see the details that God has created. 


Lady Locust said...

Thank you for stopping by and commenting today so I could find your lovely blog. You do live in a beautiful place. I too love the varieties of moss and fungus living on old trees and the forest floor. Toes in the wet sand looks delightful:-)

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

SO many beautiful plants and flowers! I love that fireweed -- red is my favorite color :) Toes in the sand -- nothing like it (if it is indeed warm haha!). Blech -- that bug DOES look creepy. Reminds me of the earwigs we have around here.

Margie said...

It's always fun to see the fall colour change. I would have been too squeamish to pick up that bug!

September Violets said...

There's lots of fall colours a few hours north of us now too. I think the bugs you saw in the water are caddisflies which create what look like silk nets attached to rocks under water where they catch detritus in the current. I'll send you a photo of some I found a few years ago. Kinda cool!