Sunday 17 September 2017

Musical Garden

Hello!  Today I'd love to share with you a bit about a Musical Garden. 

Our community centre has great outdoor spaces for the children, and one of those spaces is a Musical Garden.  In this garden there are homemade wind chimes and a hanging xylophone made of metal pipes.  On this day we decided to add a couple more wind chimes to the mix.  

I laid out all the things we brought to put together, and while I was doing this, my one son pulled out a book he had been given and started to read.  I love how my boys do this so spontaneously.

We drilled holes in the wood and then for this first one we laced plastic coated wire through the holes and attached these plastic whirly do things we found at the dump to it.  Then since they had these little holes in the bottom of them we attached a bell to each of them with fishing line.  

For the second one we used fishing line and tied it around wooden beads to hold things in place along the piece of wood.  
We attached bells, smaller pieces of driftwood and some wooden beads along the fishing line. 

The boys looked all around the musical garden and decided that they wanted to hang the new chimes on the climbing tree.  This tree has always been a favourite of my kids at the park.  Now someone has so amazingly built a bench around it and I can sit while they climb.  
Now, I can listen to the chimes as well.  

It is a fun place to be, and just relax.  

Do you have a special park that you like to go to?  

Thanks for dropping by!  

Hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy perhaps building something interesting for you or someone else.  

Today I'm sharing over at Raising Homemakers.


Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

How wonderful to have a place like that! I bet those musical chimes sound beautiful. Your picture of your son reminds me of my kids. All three of them (they are now 29 and the girls are 26) STILL always always have a book with them wherever they go. We used to laugh because we would be going to the store or the park or wherever and they'd all have to run and get their book to take with them! We have a few forest preserves here that I love to go on walks through with our dog. I really enjoy watching the changes in the foliage and flowers and bugs and birds as the seasons shift.

September Violets said...

I have another blogging friend who is involved with a community garden in Kuwait. It's interesting to see the difference between the gardens. Love the wind chimes you created with your kids. I nice idea to add to the garden themselves.

Margie said...

What a neat idea! I'm sure that the kids enjoyed the sounds of the handmade windchimes.

God's Grace Overflows said...

How fun!! What a neat little garden. The windchimes are great! We don't really have anything like that here. Our parks are a bit scary these days. But I think the windchimes would be a great project for my boys to create. (for our yard)

Happy weekend!

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

I have never seen a musical garden what a great idea! And how you repurpose things from the dump to make into wind chimes is really neat,that is a great place for your family to spend some fun time together!