Monday, 28 August 2017

What Went On In My Kitchen This Day

Hello!  Nice to see you!  Have you been harvesting anything from your garden? 

Today was bittersweet.  We pulled the last of the produce from our garden today.  As you can see it's the carrots.  Fall is upon us here in the Yukon and with school lessons beginning soon I thought it best to have the garden taken care of prior as to lessen any stress with that.  

As you can see, they're all kinda tiny. LOL  It was not the best year for carrots, but they are still packed with delicious nutrition.  Sometimes I get discouraged as to the lack of growth, but find joy in that it is something that I can offer my family that one cannot buy at the store up here.  

They're all de-greened and washed and tucked into freezer bags now.  They are all in the fridge, for they are always best eaten that way...well in my opinion that is. 

It took a bit of giggling, but I got them all in there. ~smiles~ 

Today I also started some yogurt that Lord willing will be finished up tomorrow morning.  It is now in jars in a roaster in my oven wrapped in a big towel.  No fancy yogurt machine in this house. 

We like to mix some homemade jam in our yogurt or add it to smoothies. 

I also with the help of my son made a batch of butter.  I love having my Bosch as it makes the process go much smoother. 

Then my daughter had cookies cooking in our roaster oven.  Our regular oven isn't working and the Lord blessed us with this one in it's stead.  

She also made chocolate drop cookies (stove top version) so our cookie jars are full for a bit.  

SO we have had a full and productive day.  It's nice to be able to look back on the day and see the home productive and nourishing the ones that live within it's walls.  God is good! 


Danielle Dunn said...

The cookie jar isn't full

Shawna said...

I made 4 kinds of cookies today, too, but I'm stuck home-bound in the tail end of Hurricane Harvey. So far so good. . .still praying the flood water does not enter my home! Miss you, friend.

Katy said...

Your carrots look fantastic...even if they are tiny!!! Mine didn't grow at all this year! So I love yours!! :)