Wednesday 1 January 2020

A Bit of Planning

Are you ready for the New Year?

With keeping a home it is good to have some things planned out and organized.
I usually have a basic planner but this year they weren't available so I went looking for another. 
I found this pretty one at Walmart. 
I don't like to spend a lot on a planner...and this one was quite affordable. 

I like to have a section that has the whole month...where I put important dates.
Then I can see them at a glance and they won't sneak up on me.

Then I also like to have lots of room to write things out on each day...
but also to have the week before me.  
This planner is a tad larger in size then what I'm used to...but more space to write. 
I love how there are pretty flowers on each page. 

Some people like to have things written out by time for each day...I'm not to good at that. 
I just write down things that need to be done...and then add a time if necessary.
Like appointments, tasks for homeschooling, & what to make for dinner.
I also write down things that I do...that weren't on my list. 
Helps me remember what I've gotten accomplished.
I use it as a kind of journal and write out some fun facts 
or accounts of things that happened on a certain day.
At the end of a year, the planner is not just a book 
of to do's...but also a memoir of the year.

Do you use a planner? 
How do you use yours?  

Love and Prayers,


Christine said...

It is amazing how beautiful journals have become. Even the individual pages are decorated so feminine.
Yours should is organized well.I don't think you'll have things "sneaking" up on you this year.

Linda Shukri said...

I bought a planner last year. It's not dated anywhere inside or out, so I can start using it whenever. I use it for a time and then I get distracted with life and stop using it and go back to my little pieces of paper with to-do lists on them! I do keep a regular calendar on the wall for appointments and such things, but I should use my planner more to keep myself organized. :-) It's a good thing there are no dates. I have to write them in. Otherwise, I'd be wasting a nice planner if it were dated!

Margie said...

What a pretty planner!

These days, I use the calendar on my cell phone to record appointments. I do use a small pocket calendar to track vacation days from work. When I was a teen, I was an avid journaler and kept a planner diligently. I didn't have a very busy social not sure what appointments I was recording?!? Ha!

Sunshine Country said...

I used to use a planner, but found that I was not happy with having an extra book that wasn't very useful to me when the next year came around... plus, I prefer to have my "To do" list, birthday list, etc. all together in one place, not scattered on different pages of different months. I forget them more easily that way. When one of my sisters gave me another one a couple years ago, I decided to try something different!I began using it to write out a verse or two from my Bible reading each day, or a favorite quote, or just some thoughts that I had for the day. This way, I now have a planner/Bible journal that I enjoy looking back through even when the year is past! I probably won't do that each year, but it was something I did enjoy at the time. :) Not everyone is like me, but that is just what I personally found I liked best.