Wednesday 20 June 2018

Some Sweet Purple

Today I'd love to share with you a card and shawl that I made for an old friend.  

She loves purple so I made the shawl in three shades of purple and 
I made a card with lots of shades of purple as well.  

The card has just a few delicate lacy touches underlaid by fun polka dots.

I made this shawl for her as a hug across the miles. 

I used the same pattern as the blue mix that I made...very nice pattern to work with!  
Here is a link to the PATTERN!
I couldn't find any variegated purple yarn that I liked, so I just picked out three different shades and made layers. 

For the last row, I just did a single crochet 2x and then a picot.  
This gave it a nice wavy edge.  

Thanks for dropping by! 


Danielle Dunn said...

Love all the purple <3 I know she'll like it!!

Margie said...

Purple is my fave colour so I'm a huge fan of the pretty card and crochet blanket!