Saturday 18 February 2012

The Liebster Blog Award

I have just been honored by being given the Liebster Blog Award! Thank you so much Sandy from Scribbles by Sandy for your wonderful gift.  I am so delighted that I have been able to inspire you with what I have shared! 

   Here is more about the Liebster Blog Aware and how it works...


The Liebster Blog Award is to show appreciation of smaller blogs (under 200 followers) and to help with readership and joy!!!  As part of the tradition the award is to be passed along to five other blogs that have motivated and inspired me...  :)

To accept the Award you must:
1. Link back to the person's blog who gave it to you and thank them.
2. Post on your blog.
3. Give to five other Bloggers who you appreciate and value.
4. Leave a comment on the five blogs you choose and let them know.

And now, I would like to share with you some of the blogs that inspire me! There are many, but I have five with which I'd love to share with you today!

Anne-Marie from little-applefalls: Your spunk and creativity always emerge with each post! I always come away with a smile!

Bonnie from Grandma Bonnie's Place I just love all the amazing ideas and techniques I learn from you! I love how you share so much of yourself and your family.

Jenee from Ma'am's Musings Your gentleness comes through in the details that you combine for each of your creations!

Nancy from The Nickel Nook I love how you share your pages of encouragement and praise for the Lord Jesus Christ!

Debbie from A Dash of This and That I love all the fresh ideas and uniqueness about what you create.  They each have a purpose and it shows!

I would love it if you'd take the time to pop in to visit these amazing ladies! To follow them and be inspired by them as I have been!

Thank you again Sandy for giving me this honor!


Anne-Marie said...

Thank you so much......turnin' bright pink, here!

Jenée said...

What an honour you have bestowed upon me. Thank you so very much.

Nancy said...

Aww...thank you so much, Jennifer! I'll try to pick this up soon, okay? I'm still running a bit behind! lol I really appreciate your thoughtfulness!...Nancy :o)

Debbie said...

Thank you, Jennifer!!! sorry for being slow, but today I got on this and passed it on!
Thanks again!!