Monday 6 February 2023

Homemaking Mondays: Embrace the Details


This Monday morning has been delightful! 
The sun has come out and blue sky is all around.
The wind has picked up and is blowing the frost off the trees.
This is creating a snow-globe effect to the forest around us.
So the urge to go outside is strong...
but alas the need to be inside doing things is stronger.

School lessons are on, 
there is bread baking in the oven,
and knitting mistakes being fixed. 
Outside time will wait till after lunch.

This week I wanted to share with you a little project I did.
It started with me switching out dryers in the laundry room
as our old one finally bit the dust.
Behind the new washer that we had saved was a board.
It was just the right size and colour for an idea that I'd had.
So I brought it upstairs and cut it to length.
I went out to the shed and found a couple hangers that I had saved.
Then I put up this little shelf in my hutch so that the baskets
finally had their own place in the kitchen to belong.
My son thought of putting the hangers on the top 
so as not to infringe on the cookbook space.
Below you can see what it looked like before I started. 
This is a space that accumulates all sorts of things.
It needed to be cleared up so timing was perfect.

I took some pictures of the frost before it started to blow away.
I was feeding the birds and their bird feeder had some
beautiful frost on it's swirls.

Our old dog is never far from us.
She loves to plop herself down and from time to time
she slightly opens her eyes to check on us.
To inquire as to our reason for making noise. 
Yes, we are a home that makes noise. :)

Precious details in each day.
Sometimes we miss them.
Today I caught the light on coming in 
to help warm the buns while they rose on the stove.
Little dustings of flour still around
cooking stains around the burner...of messes made.
I need to pull out some baking soda and take care of those.
It may seem strange, but these are some of the details 
that I love to embrace.
Each day has something special
each job has a benefit
each little effort we put into our home
and into the lives of those we love,
those details are beautiful!

I hope you have a beautiful day
taking notice of those special details in your day.

Love and Prayers,


Kelsey said...

Those little details are what fills our day with beauty. Your shelf worked out perfectly in your hutch! It always feels nice to get things orderly and make them function better, and it looks good too. If you are like me, I can't help but keep looking at a transformation every time I walk by it. It's just so satisfying!

Sunshine Country said...

That frost is so pretty! I always love noticing the beautiful patterns it makes at times in the winter. Your shelf turned out looking nice! It does always feel satisfying to get things cleaned and rearranged.