Monday 27 February 2023

Homemaking Mondays: A Pretty Tea Cup and Lemon Basil Cookies


It's a beautiful cold morning here today.
Last night the sky cleared and 
the northern lights were dancing. 
Today we are to be getting more snow. 
All of this makes me enjoy the warmth inside all the more.

This week I was gifted this beautiful tea cup set
by a dear friend.
I love the blue flowers and it's a really nice size.
Also like you see below
there are the ridges on the plate that help to keep 
the cup in place.
This is so helpful as I do carry my cups about the house. 
I shall really enjoy using this set and thinking of her.

This past week my daughter's boss made some 
delicious cookies and shared some with our family.
They were lemon basil cookies.
You can find the recipe HERE! 
I was sceptical at first, but oh wow are they good.
They are particularly good with Earl Grey vanilla tea. 

This week I've made butter again out of some 
cream I've had in the freezer for awhile.
I absolutely love how it changes to yellow as it forms.
I also like to use old tea towels or sheets instead of cheesecloth
as the butter seems to hold together better.

I washed the butter first and then
 I form it into blocks and wrap in parchment paper.
Some for the freezer and some to use right away.
I read this tip for washing butter 
and it was after the butter has formed in your mixer
just drain the buttermilk out and then switch
the attachment from whisks to paddles or bread kneader
and then add ice cold water 
and it washes the butter for you.  
I shall try that next time.

I used some of the butter
to make grilled sourdough & cheese sandwiches.
These went perfectly with the 
homemade tomato soup with a dollop of sour cream.

For days that are cold and often snowy.
Soup is a perfect meal to serve our families.
Warm, hearty, & filling.
This past week we also had bacon mushroom soup.
Then three of my kids and I went to help at our community centre
for a ski event and there was chilli there. 

Thanks for dropping by!
I hope you have a great homemaking week!

Love and Prayers,


Anonymous said...

Jennifer..... Do you have one of the tea cups from your mom's Grandma that was hand painted? Or maybe you got a plate. I thought we divided things up and there was enough for all the great grandgirls.

Sunshine Country said...

Those lemon basil cookies sound tempting to make! I admit that I'd normally think that combination would not go together well, but hearing how well you liked them, and seeing the site you linked makes me want to try!