Monday, 30 January 2023

Homemaking Mondays: View Through My Window


There are so many wonderful views 
from our windows. 
I found this cute window pane picture frame
and wanted to add some fun 
pictures to it.  
One big picture would be fun
but I thought these little pictures would add
some great colour and memories.
Three of the pictures my friend took,
one is from my daughter and the others are mine.
I love pictures because they capture not only 
beautiful things, but also memories.
Someone had to stand somewhere and click the picture.
Firstly they would see it for themselves.
The picture is just to share that with others.
I love this frame because the pictures 
can be changed out from time to time.
I just have the frame leaning against the wall 
on one of my little tables in the living room.
One day it may be put up on a wall.
If you had such a frame or have one
what kind of pictures would/do you add?

At the free store I found this pretty little serving basket.
It's a silver plated one with lovely details.
It's also made in Canada and I thought that was a sweet detail.
I gave it a quick wash, but I need to polish it up.

It is really cute and would make for a fun little tea party.
Whether for one or many, it's nice to have 
pretty things to enjoy with your tea times. 
Now I need to make some pretty cookies to go on it. 
I baked some banana muffins but they are just delicious and not pretty.

As for pretty and a fresh spring feel.
I bought some lovely mini daffodils this past week.
They don't last long but their colour is so cheerful
the smile it brings is worth it.  
I put it on my kitchen counter with some of my other plants
so that I can enjoy it throughout the day.
As with some of you I also spend a lot of time in my kitchen. 

This week I've already started a new pair of socks.
Knitting I find is relaxing when there is no time limits.
I suppose that is with most projects. 
I think that time pressures seem to stem the flow of creativity.
Although in the kitchen when you need supper fast...
creativity seems to abound. ha!

I hope you have a wonderful week
enjoying caring for your homes.

Love and Prayers,


Anonymous said...

Great finds, we need them for inspiration. A new being for a regular routine.

Kelsey said...

Hi Jennifer,
I just found your blog and have enjoyed reading through it. I like your window picture frame; I have a window hanging in my home, too! It doesn't have anything in it yet, but I was thinking of cutting some of my favorite hymns out of an old hymn book to attach to the glass. Your cheery daffodils and silver dish are lovely too!

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

What a beautiful frame Jennifer! I like how you've put some of your favorite pictures in, a beautiful way to share pictures that often just stay on someone's phone! I love cheery daffodils, they just brighten up a room! And what a pretty silver dish you found, I just love finds like those! I also wanted to wish you congratulations on winning my giveaway! Check your email :) Blessings to you dear friend!