Monday 24 October 2022

Homemaking Mondays: The Snow Has Come


Well the snow has really come and the ground is quite frozen
on top so it'll be sticking around a bit more. 
I love how snowy days turn the lake a pastel green. 
The birds are coming back to the feeders more now
and it's nice to get re-acquainted.  

This week has been lovely and the last touches
of winter prep are being done. 
The last one for me is to switch out the entryway 
to the winter things.

This week I received a lovely gift
from my parents through some of their friends.
They sent me some of the old things that 
they had that they were not using anymore.
I'm glad to have a couple extra pairs of sock stretchers,
and my mom's old butter bowl with paddle and block maker.

Then they also sent up the old butter churn.
I like to make butter at times and thought it would be 
so nice to put it back to good use.
Unfortunately the glass of the original churn got broken
although a new glass was found.
The glass is too big to make the churn functional
but it's still beautiful and I love having it. 
Perhaps one day I'll find the right sized glass for it.
I do have fond memories of using the churn
and it still works smooth as butter.

This week I learned something new about canning
that I'd not thought of and that is that you can put both meat and beans
in the canner at the same time as they require the same amount of time.
So...never will there be a partial load in the canner for these items.
I canned up some sausage, ham, chickpeas, and kidney beans.
I did the no soak method for the beans and they turn out lovely to.
Plus they are faster and I could make the right amount 
of jars to fill the canner.

With the lower light and coolness I think it's spurred 
the violets to blooming. 
Anyone need an african violet?
I couldn't help saving all the starters and have 
more then enough for myself. 

 I also am making a batch of jerky. 
It's still in the oven and fingers have torn off little edges
but it's still not quite ready.

In the kitchen this week I have finally 
gotten to covering up this space.
The cupboard doors were so warped when we moved in
that I took them off.
They are right under my main work space
so lots of flour and "stuff" gets 
filtered down into the drawers.
I just hung up a string with hooks but it seems to work well.
I got this curtain from the window 
as I took them down for the winter because
it's brighter in the kitchen that way.
I did put up a lacy white valance on the window 
so it's got something there but it's bright.

How has your week been? 
Have you been getting ready for winter?
Have you made something new in your kitchen?

I hope you have a beautiful day of homemaking!
Love and Prayers,


Anonymous said...

Another lovely read Jennifer!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry.,. Forgot to leave name..... Aunt June

Sister in the Mid-west said...

My eldest was asking me just the other day if we could make jerky soon.
Yes, getting ready for winter here. I got all my garden beds winterize with a covering of compost and grass clippings. We had an unusually warm week last week. The temperatures were up to 80°F.! I'm not complaining. Winter can wait as far as I'm concerned. 😊