Monday 11 July 2022

Homemaking Mondays:Colour In Our Day


It's been a beautiful summer. 
A lot more sunshine and warmth than last.
It has cooled today and we've had a few showers. 
The mosquitos absolutely love the cooler temps 
and when you go out they come at you in clouds.
There is a place for all creatures in nature
even if there are some that we are less fond of. 

As it was quite cool this morning I opted for
some nice hot tea instead of a cool drink. 
I like to make fresh drinks with lemon and mint. 
My tea was just plain black tea with some fresh lemon balm.
One of my comfort drinks.

I went out to check on my garden. 
I do love all the flowers I plant but often
the ones that the Lord plants catch my attention the most.
I do love fireweed and there are places in my
yard that I purposely don't fuss with so that they will grow.

In the Bible in the book of Matthew
the Lord speaks of the lilies of the field and how 
the Lord has arrayed them. 
If we would take the time to note the exquisite detail
in which the Lord has created the flowers
we will understand that nothing we can create 
can compare to what He has already created. 
For just the brief time the flowers bloom...He made such effort.

There are other plants in my yard that I do need to fuss with.
Like the chives.  I pick the blossoms so that they don't reseed.
I missed a few last year and wow I have a forest of little chive plants
that are growing up amongst the garlic and onions. come the blossoms to my kitchen window to be enjoyed.  
I have at times made chive vinegar but have yet to make a new batch this year.

My family was blessed with a huge gift of delphinium plants this year.
One of my most favourite garden flowers.  
Here is the very first bloom to open this season. 

The garden is doing really well and below 
is my wheelbarrow of nasturtiums and kale. 
The flowers are just starting to come and soon my son
will be pruning it back for me.  
Never a need to dead head them as he loves to eat the blossoms.

Some friends of ours introduced us to phacelia.
I have ever since been trying to plant some in my garden 
as the bees and butterflies adore it. 
It is so delicate and beautifully scented.
This year I have just a few plants that are just inside
my greenhouse to draw in the pollinators.  

Mosquitos are also pollinators but we do our best
not to welcome them. 
My son and I went to the store this year and for the first time
bought some bug net hats to make
gardening more bearable when they are most hungry.
We had to try them on of course.  
We decided to get two like mine. 

Thank you for dropping by today! 
I hope your day is beautiful!

Love and Prayers,


Sunshine Country said...

I have not only a bug net hat, but a whole sleeves made of the same lightweight netting! It was such a blessing this spring when the gnats were bad. We don't have too many mosquitoes in our area, except in the evenings.

You have so many nice flowers growing. I love the reminder of the great care our Lord took in creating such detail and beauty for us to enjoy.

Mary Stephens said...

Thank you for sharing pictures from your life with us, especially the flower pictures. I miss flower gardening so much. But, I am very thankful to the Lord that Texas abounds with wildflowers. Of course, they're better when we get more rain, but it's always amazing how many will actually struggle into bloom even in the driest years.

I miss the purple chives. I have a 14+ year old garlic chives plant (with the white flowers) that lives in a pot right now, but I need to try the purple again. I actually prefer the leaves on the purple. The leaves of the white variety are more like grass in texture.