Monday 4 July 2022

Homemaking Mondays: Wildflowers and Greens


How are you this fine summer's day?
Here is it hot for us and beautifully sunny. 
I was out earlier this morning thinning carrots 
and puttering about the gardens.  
This time of year is one of my favourite times 
as there are so many wildflowers out growing
and the garden is starting to really take off. 

Do you put wildflowers on your kitchen window sills?
Some flowers I pick and some my children pick for me. 
I have a collection of fun little vases to accommodate them all.

With the garden staring to produce a lot it's time
to start bringing it into our kitchen and to 
the hungry tummies of the family. 

One thing I've been making is pesto.
I harvested some basil from the greenhouse, 
some bunching onions and spinach from the garden bed.
Plus a huge amount of chickweed.  
Yes you heard that right.  It's a healthy bountiful crop that the 
Lord has planted for us. 
I blend it all up with some fresh garlic and olive oil.
Then I put it in freezer bags where I just break off what I need and thaw.
It stores really well over the winter like that. 

I also enjoy the herbs that are coming on as well.
Yesterday I picked parsley and oregano to add to the chicken 
dish I was making for nachos. 
Then for the fresh salad there was more chickweed,
kale, radishes and green bunching onions.
Sadly I'm not a great radish grower so mine are kinda on the 
tiny side most of the time before they get woody.

From garden to table. 
This is what growing food is all about.

The wildflowers are so beautiful and outgrow my garden flowers
every single year. 
There are some fireweed flowers starting to bloom where 
they came up in the flower beds.
The lupin are staring to fade, but the wild roses are 
coming on to full bloom and even though 
I've been picking a lot of the flowers they are still going strong.

The greenhouse is starting to fill and soon there will be more then
just the odd cherry tomato to snitch.  
On the bench is a mound of fireweed that is now
being made into tea.

In this cool old wheelbarrow we found on our property
we have planted nasturtiums and some kale. 
This is like the one snitching part of the garden my son 
likes best of all.  He's anxiously awaiting the blossoms.

We have been having a lot of heat and thunderstorms rolling through
our part of the territory.  
There have been fires started close by through the lightening strikes. 
I am thankful for the Lord's protection in helping them to get
put out quickly.
There are lots of fires burning up here and the sky is tinged with
the colour of smoke although the smell is faint. 
With the main road up from the south being washed out and all the flooding
that has been happening this year. 
I am just thankful to the Lord Jesus for all that He has been providing for us.
Truly He is the one that is our provider! 

Thank you for dropping by! 
I pray your day is blessed with God's provision.

Love and Prayers,


Sunshine Country said...

What a blessing all of the things are we can harvest from our gardens (and from the wild)! I love wildflowers too. We don't have many right around our house, but I've been enjoying seeing the ones along the roadside a little distance from our house. I've been seeing Black-eyed Susans, Queen Anne's Lace, and lots of Chicory. It was nice to read your post and see all of the things you are bringing in from your garden!

Linda Shukri said...

Your greenhouse is awesome and so many plants! Thanks for sharing!