Monday 18 July 2022

Homemaking Mondays: Summer Food


One thing about summer is that we eat differently
then in the other seasons. 
There is all those wonderful fresh greens and herbs in the garden.
I made some fresh naan bread. 
I then roasted some grape tomatoes with feta cheese;
added some basil and garlic scape and salt.
Put it all through the blender and it makes such a 
delicious spread on the naan then add some fresh spinach
and yum!

There are so many different kinds of salads to make and 
it's nice how just changing up the greens changes things.

It's also nice to have foods that don't require a lot of indoor cooking. 
Not that it's such an issue with where I live. ha! 
We did have quite a nice hot spell but we're back to the regular summer now.
It's warm but quick meals are best so that we can 
be out doing other things. 

What are some of your favourite summer meals?

This week at the free store I scored a couple of these lovely 
blue and white floral plates. 
They are a great size for serving plates and add
a lovely touch of colour and beauty to the table. 

This week I also re arranged my tea cupboard. 
This time I added a rack to my bottom shelf so that I could fit my basket of tea bags
and also the bulk tea and coffee bags. 
Now it's much easier to access for all of us.  
The rack rests on the little corked bottles of dried herbs for tea.

Here is a better picture of the tea bottles.
I have some of these in my other hutch with 
my tea cups and tea pots that will be used first.
So...they are holding up the rack and are pretty. 
I love the colour that the dried herbs keep.

This week a couple of my children and I joined a friend on a hike.
I'm not a climber that is for sure and made it just about 
halfway up the climb.  

You can see me and our dog on the one clearing 
if you look real close.  
My daughter took a picture of me from the top. 
What a beautiful view that was enjoyed! 
Plus a wonderful patch of wild strawberries to boot!

It has been quite rainy this past week so I've spent quite a bit
of time indoors.  
A time for everything. 

I hope you have a wonderful week! 
Thank you for dropping by!

Love and Prayers,