Monday 6 June 2022

Homemaking Mondays: I've Been Outdoors


I've been outside quite a bit lately.
The warmer weather and gardening is beaconing me
to the outdoors. 
I've been doing some small hikes with my daughter 
around the lake. 
It's so nice and if we go early enough the 
mosquitos are still asleep. 
There is often no real wind and the lake is 
smooth as glass!
We've done a bit of wading and my kids in the afternoons
have gone swimming some. 
We are finishing up lessons for the year in the next little bit.
The boys will be happy to have more free time.

Some places on the trail are
a bit of a challenge to traverse.
Makes for an adventure at times. 

We find lots of these little rock treasures 
along the trail. 
Along with lots of spider webs.
I think I should have collected enough
web to create a sweater! Ha! 
The birds are so pretty in the morning
singing away and fluttering about in the trees overhead. 

I made a delicious streusel for the first time.
The dough was actually really easy to make 
then I filled it with apples, hascaps, and cream cheese.

My boys went to a glass blowing workshop
and made this cool bird and paperweight. 

Then my older son bought me this cute paperweight. 

In the garden I've been busy. 
I've not taken any pictures of the progress yet.
In the greenhouse the tomatoes, cucumbers, and squash are 
in their permanent pots. 
I planted beans both in pots and in the ground.  
This year I'm trying pole beans in the greenhouse for the first time.
There are peas in the greenhouse and strawberries to. 
Things are starting to flower and it is a very cheerful sight 
when I open up the door. 

In the garden things are starting to grow nicely.
The greens are up and thus far
the squirrel hasn't eaten all of my peas.
I am keeping my two raised beds covered with row covers.
That is giving them a bit of a boost.
Soon I'll have to uncover the one side so the
garlic and chives can have some more space as they are getting tall.

We were gifted some more delphiniums and a lilac tree.
Those are planted out near the house now. 

We had our first thunderstorm of the season and it was 
very welcome!  It helped to clear the air of some of the pollen
we've been struggling with.  Just brushing up against the
evergreens sends showers of pollen into the air. 

I still have raking to do in some parts of the yard. 
Very thankful to now have all garden things planted.
Now to wait until we can eat something. :) 

I hope you are having a wonderful day! 

Love and Prayers,


Margie said...

The strudel looks great!

I'm also impressed by your sons' glassblowing skills. The heart and bird paper weights look lovely!

Anonymous said...

You have been busy! 😮 Wow! Glad we all get to go out now. The paper weights are great! I'm still surprised it's summer now!

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

You are so ambitious . . . can you bottle some of that and send to me haha!? Everything sure is 'coming to life' up there now. Those paperweights are magnificent! How cool to be able to actually make that! You mention planting a lilac tree . . . that is my favorite flower! I had two very old and worn out ones that we replaced last fall. They are only about 2 feet tall but they were FILLED with blooms this spring! I was so surprised! Enjoy your week!

Sunshine Country said...

Oh what a beautiful lake! You are blessed to have that nearby to enjoy walks and the scenery.
I love the glass blue bird one of your sons made! I would love to watch glass blowing sometime.
Your strudel looks so good...making me hungry right now! :) I've been getting back into baking a little more often lately than I had been, but strudel is not something I've tried.
I'm glad you're able to get outdoors and do more gardening now! I'm greatly enjoying mine, and have been harvesting strawberries recently. Our cherries are needing picked as well. Hope I can get to them before the birds do! Thank you for sharing about your recent activities! I enjoyed reading it and seeing your pictures.