Monday 23 May 2022

Homemaking Mondays: Crocus and Gardening Experiments


It is a lovely spring day here again. 
No sunshine today but things are starting to sprout more. 
The trees are starting to bud and the crocus are out.
Just this week they have begun to emerge and 
they are just gorgeous!

I do love the feathered stems and how they cradle that
lovely yellow centre from the cold each night.
The Lord is awakening the sleeping plants now.

Inside there are sunflowers blooming in the windowsills.
Their cheerful colour brings smiles to our faces each day.

This year I'm trying another experiment in the garden.
I've been seeing in gardening blogs and pictures for a few years
how people use these old rain gutters.
So....I have been wanting to try it. 
I was gifted with a bunch of old gutters from a friend.
So...this year is the year to try it out. 
I have taken these smaller ones and screwed them up to 
the side of the greenhouse wall. 
They have strawberries in them and will have some pansies soon.
I also thought of herbs...but don't know what might
compliment strawberries?

Then I have also planted a couple nice long pieces with peas.
These peas are the shelling kind as the snap peas are planted in the 
outside garden.  
I'm going to grow them in the gutters until I have the soil 
under them prepared to slide them into. 
It will buy me some good time. 
The mice have already discovered the peas so I had to put them up on top
of the rain barrels in the greenhouse for now.  
Soon I'll have a bench in there to deter the mice.  
I don't mind sharing some but they seem to take more then their share 
if left unchecked. 

A new addition to the perennial bed is this cute dwarf columbine.
I purchased it from a local lady at our bedding plant sale
that was held at our community centre.
It's so cute and I've never had one like it before. 

My daughter also from the same lady 
bought this cute little larch tree. 
It is one of her favourite kinds of trees. 
It will be interesting to see where it finds a new home
in this yard of ours.

Spring is a season for new things. 
It will be interesting to see how things progress. 
There are already little seedlings pushing through the soil.
I look forward to the first tastes from the garden.

Praying you have a beautiful day! 
Love and Prayers,


Linda Shukri said...

You are so productive in your housekeeping and gardening, etc.! :-)

I LOVE larch trees!!! When I was living on PEI, there were loads of them. I loved the fall when their needles turned gold! So beautiful! When we used to camp there for many years two weeks in the summer, I didn't know about them because they were green like a typical evergreen tree. But living there year-round, I found out they turn gold and then drop their needles in the winter.

I don't recall seeing them in New England where I lived and grew up. I think the Eastern Larch is only in certain areas of the north. They're certainly not here in South Carolina! :-)

Sunshine Country said...

Those crocuses are beautiful! I've never seen any with the feathery look like that. I'm a little jealous you already are having sunflower blooms! :) I didn't know they would do so well started indoors. I didn't plant any until it warmed up enough to sow seeds directly outdoors. It will be awhile before I get any blooms. I'm afraid I likely wouldn't have had space to plant any inside anyway, though...I overloaded myself this year with seedlings started indoors!