Monday 7 March 2022

Homemaking Mondays: Seedlings and Canning Chickpeas


It's been a lovely week with some sunshine and a few snow flurries.
Last Monday my boys helped me with starting seeds. 
Now we have a whole bunch of little seedlings
sprouting and reaching for the light.  
Yes, some will be a tad spindly in the end
but they'll still be beautiful! 
My friend Judith gave me some pink lupins and I'm happy 
that some of those are starting to sprout as well. 
Last year our resident squirrels ate off the ones I planted out
so this year I started a bunch more and will put 
up some protective structure around them. 
I like the squirrels and sharing seeds with them...
but some things I won't share! 

This week I also canned up some chickpeas for the first time.  
I have lots of things I want to try in canning and this is one of them.
First time canning anything like this.  I'm going to be 
trying some black beans next. 
I didn't soak the peas overnight so used the quick method to re-hydrate them.
The bag of dry chickpeas I used filled 12 pints. 
I use chickpeas primarily for making hummus but am going to try 
adding them to soups as well. 
I did open up a jar of them and made some hummus right away. 
It made a great texture and it was smoother then some of the 
other canned chickpeas I've bought at the store. 

My violet is starting to flower again with the return of the sunshine and longer light.
Funny thing is I do really like the soft fuzzy leaves violets have. 

My tomato seedlings have come up and I always smile and remember
my friend Ingrid who taught me how to start them.  
Nothing better then a fresh tomato from the greenhouse she'd say! 
Makes all the work worth it with that bite of warm juicy goodness. :) 

My cosmos seedlings are super tall and so they'll need some 
extra special attention as they grow.  
One thing I do is brush my hand through the seedlings and that 
seems to help them toughen up as if they had light wind 
blowing on them at times.
I'll also be separating them out some so that they have more 
space to spread out their roots to.  
The spread of seedlings has begun and from now 
till planting out time the windows are going to be full. 
With gardening there needs to be balance between 
edible and beautiful. 

My boys are working on building small tiny houses today. 
March break in our house isn't going to be a break from all lessons.
For us the break is just going to be a change in what 
we are doing. 
So some fun projects are on the table. 

Hope you have a beautiful day! 

Love and Prayers,


Margie said...

Oooh, I love chickpeas, especially as a salad or hummus!

Hooray for the blooming violets. I'm hoping that my violets will also bloom again this spring...

living from glory to glory said...

Hi Jennifer, You always inspire us to think spring and get to some early seeds starting! Did you pressure can the chick peas? I am not sure how much I am going to do this year, as it's sometimes easier to go to the farms, but I may just need to rethink that one! The little houses are just the beginning of building their own homes one day! Blessings, Roxy

Sister in the Mid-west said...

I like your boys house building. I bet they enjoyed that activity. My boys love hot glue and popsicle stick. They are so creative!