Monday 28 March 2022

Homemaking Mondays: Fresh Bread and Spoon Butter


How are you this morning! 
The sun has been waring with the clouds
lately and it's been going back and forth 
from being overcast to being clear blue.

When the sun shines the icicles drip and 
when the clouds come there are light fluffy flakes 
floating down through the trees.
The air smells different and fresh. 

This week I pulled out my sourdough again after a break.
I tried a new recipe from Farmhouse on Boone.
It didn't turn out great for my first try...looks pretty but
inside isn't totally cooked and very dense.
I need to find a warmer place for it to rise I think. 
One factor is putting it in the fridge at night before cooking it.
It was nice to cut and made for a pretty design though. 

I put away the fresh eggs in their basket on the counter.
I love getting fresh eggs from a day
I dream of having our own chickens. 
Keeping them in a basket on the counter is still my 
favourite place to store them.
They look pretty and are handy.

This week I have been doing a bit of maintenance at home.
You know those little jobs that often get 
put off in the routines of life. 
One of them was conditioning my wooden tools in the kitchen.
I put together another batch of spoon butter 
that I learned from the Prairie Homestead Blog. 
It's also in her cookbook that I have.
I love it because it smells nice with the beeswax and also 
seems to last well on the wood. 

I got the spoons and cutting boards all 
conditioned and leave it overnight before using them. 
As you can see from the jar above I started to use it before it 
cooled completely so I used the soft part in the middle. 

I love cutting boards and use them all the time. 
Do you have a collection of them? 
I keep mine out on my counter for easy access
beside my stove and knives.
I also keep my one serving tray with them and tucked
behind it my tea cozies.

I was watching a couple videos from Inspired by Nikki
Lady of the House. 
She shared one video about re-arranging the house. 
I  personally like to do this but no so much my family. 
It's nice to change up little things 
though to just make things fresh and new.
Plus sometimes it is more functional as well. 
Do you like to re-arrange your home just for fun?

I hope you have a beautiful day
keeping your home!

Love and Prayers,


Linda Shukri said...

I love your bread! Sorry it didn't come out well on the inside. I have not yet made sourdough bread though I want to try the overnight yeast ones that you bake in a cast-iron Dutch oven.

I keep my little small round cutting board on the counter. I just have 2 cutting boards. One is larger for cutting bread and other things. I keep that with my baking trays in the cabinet.

I do love to change things up in the house if space allows it! :-)

Paula Alexandra Santos said...

Hi, Jennifer!
I saw your blog on Strangers and Pilgrims on Earth, so I came for a visit. I hope you don't mind! :)
I love your wooden boards and wooden tools. They look so homey and cozy! Unfortunatelly, here in Portugal and most of Europe, wooden utensils are being replaced with plastic ones, because they say that wood retains bacterias.
Oh, and I also have the eggs on the counter, but in a wire chicken!
About your bread, the same happened to me with many bread recipes, so I thought you might like this one. It's a recipe for portuguese bread, but it's in english and with american measurements.
Here is the link, in case you want to give it a try:

Have a blessed week!