Monday 31 May 2021

Homemaking Mondays: Scent of Home


A beautiful rainy spring day here. 
yesterday we got some sunshine and decided that 
yes, it was time to start putting out the flowers and the 
They are all planted and are covered with frost blankets.
It was down to 2C last night but everything is doing fine. 

Above I planted some stocks in the planter by the front door. 
In time I'll add some sweet peas that I have germinating in a tray inside.
They smell so beautiful! 
I think it's a wonderful way to be welcomed into the home.

The tomatoes are happy in the greenhouse
after being put into bigger pots.  I added some 
marigolds and basil to each of their pots.
I find that by adding those plants
it makes the tomatoes sweeter and keeps 
pests away. 

I have a variety of tomatoes this year. 
Above the yellow pear and below the tumbler 
ones are producing fruit already. 
the others are showing signs of flowers so they won't be too far
away from joining the production lines. 
I'm looking forward to enjoying some fresh 
produce from our garden on our table. 
For me to be able to do this is a very rewarding
part of homemaking.

Yesterday I also planted the strawberries.  
We had bought a few plants *the ones on the left
and then dug up and combined the ones that were 
spread around the greenhouse.  
It will be interesting to see what fruit we get. 
I hope the voles & squirrels don't discover them.

I found this beautiful zinnia 
and had to come home. :)  
I planted it beside the delphinium.  

Then of course there are pansies!!! 
My favourite and even though this year
there weren't many colours to choose from we did find
these pretty ones!  

It's been a challenging week for my husband who had a bad fall. 
He's progressively doing better but we are sticking close by if he needs us.

My children decided that they should start swimming. 
"Let's go swimming they said....It will be fun they said."
They did have fun...and then shivered for a few hours afterwards. 
Yes...there is still a lot of snow on the mountains. 

Thank you all for dropping by! 
It is so encouraging to hear about your lives 
that you share in the comments. 
Praying you have a beautiful day
and enjoy the blessings of the Lord Jesus! 

Love and Prayers,


Margie said...

Such pretty flowers!

My neighbour was installing a new divider fence between our units and the workers actually trampled on my plants. So they planted new plants which I chose: bleeding hearts (one of the trampled plants), brunnera, and lilies. I was excited to see one of the lilies bloom today.

Sorry to hear about your husband's fall. Hope he'll be up and about soon!

Margie said...

Popping back in to report that the lilies (yellow and red) are now blooming! So pretty!