Sunday 9 May 2021

Homemaking Mondays: Refresh the Virtuous Woman


It is a beautiful thing homemaking is.

In all the stages of life it's important to come back to 

the Word of God and refresh.

I've been reading through some of my old studies on the

Proverbs 31 virtuous woman. 

Thought I'd share some links if you were interested in

this study as well.

A Virtuous Woman 

A Virtuous Woman part 2

A Virtuous Woman part 3

A Virtuous Woman part 4

A Virtuous Woman part 5

The worlds around us is changing as the seasons change. 
Our little lake is starting to open up as the ice melts. 
There are some perennials starting to emerge from the soil 
as it thaws.
This past week we got the greenhouse's old plastic removed 
and the boards cleaned up.
Then we got rain and it stopped the project...for now. 
Soon we'll get the plastic on and then 
we will start to get things put out.  
We are now above freezing much of the time at night. 
Not that warm during the day...but it's coming. 
There are little bursts of colour inside as the plants mature.
There are cheerful tiny sunflowers, geraniums, cosmos, 
and some tomatoes. 
Promises of what is to come in the summer garden. 
As things in the garden progress...
inside the home there is bread made, soup bubbling, 
fresh laundry folding, sock knitting 
and restful cups of tea.

Praying your day is filled with the love 
and contentment of homemaking. 

Love and Prayers,

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Linda Shukri said...

Hi Jennifer! Thanks for sharing your everyday life with us. It would be wonderful if I were able to visit you someday and see the things you do in person. Your homelife sounds so cozy, including the outdoors! :-)