Tuesday 4 May 2021

Homemaking Mondays: First Picnic of the Season

Today we got out for our very first picnic 
my children and I. 
It was a beautiful spring day and so we decided to 
enjoy our first picnic of the season. 
We went to a place not far from home. 
The wind was still quite cold
but the sand was still warm in the sunshine.
We spread out our blanket and relaxed for awhile.

We had a simple meal of peanut butter and bumble berry jam on
fresh homemade bread. 
Yes, it was white bread this time with flax seeds.
We had it with chips and seaweed snacks. 
Not the most nutritious...but it tasted so good!

Then there was a bit of exploring and nature watching.
Much was done in bare feet! 
The aspen trees on the one ridge were putting out an amazing 
fresh smell as the sap is running in them.
They were starting to bud out and it smelled so good!
We saw a family of eagles and a couple 
squirrels racing across the sand from tree patch to tree patch.
We found this great climbing tree as well.
There was one huge branch near the bottom on the other side
of the trunk and you could just sit on it. 

From our picnic we headed over to a friend's place.
The family taught my kids how to do some archery and it was really fun. 
They learned the mechanics of the tools and also the important safety guidelines.
Then we joined them for the first marshmallow roast in their fire pit that
has just been cleared of snow.  
The open patches of snow have mostly melted...
but the sheltered places and in the trees still harbour much.

Our yard is slowly coming out from under the snow.  
We are hoping that in a couple weeks we can start planting in our garden beds.
The seedlings inside are growing like crazy and there are even a few
little blossoms on a couple of our tomatoes. :) 
The squash already need bigger pots as well and the herbs need trimming. 

Hope your homemaking this week is blessed! 

Love and Prayers,


Linda Shukri said...

Love your picnic!

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

Somehow I just KNEW a little snow on the ground would NOT keep you from a picnic! You amaze me! How blessed your kids are to have you as their mom - Happy Mother's Day!

Margie said...

What a spectacular setting for your picnic. Here's to warmer days ahead!