Monday 2 November 2020

Homemaking Mondays: Hello November! Hello Winter!

How are you this fine November day?
It's a snow day for us here. 
The roads are closed and we've just ended 
a winter storm. 
The sun is out and it's beautiful!

I made some chicken noodle soup today.
It is wonderful to be able to pull all these
ingredients out of the pantry
as we can't go anywhere. 
I had some broth in the fridge and then 
added canned chicken/ carrots.
I like these tiny noodles that
I've found at our local store. 
One bag will do three pots of soup.

It was the perfect fuel for heading out to shovel. 

Above is the before and below 
is to show you where we stopped....for now.
It's a lot of snow and I think we're gonna need 
some heavy duty kind of help for the rest. 

Would you like to come to a picnic? 
My boys have already been out sliding on 
a little hill in the yard. 
One of my boys was the first to strap on his snowshoes and 
pack a trail around the house to another door.
My daughter was out early to clear away the snow from the bird feeders
to let her little birdie friends have breakfast. 

I found this lovely new to me cup at the free store
this past weekend. 
I have a teapot/cup set that my Mom gave me
that matches. 
It's rose brocade and it has such 
a nice handle. 
I love hot chocolate in it. 

We also had this lovely little fellow visit us. 
He is so fluffy and my daughter says 
he has murder mittens on. 

We first discovered him
having a bit of a snooze 
out in the yard in the
morning sunshine.

It has been a blessed week and I am so thankful to the Lord
for this warm home and all of His provisions.

I am knitting some socks and enjoying much of this 
stormy winter weather we've had from the inside of the house.  
There is some plastic on the inside of the main windows to help keep out the drafts.
The oil stoves are on and keeping us warm. 

Thank you for dropping by! 
How has your November started?

Love and Prayers,


Margie said...

Whoa, that's a lot of snow! But I guess this is normal for the Yukon...

I think some parts of Ontario got hit by a snowstorm last night, but the temperatures will rise to 19-20C (!) by the end of the week.

My eagle eyes recognize your pretty tea mug--is it by Skye McGhie? I've always loved the pretty lace design!

jenni1st said...

How cozy - hot chocolate and chicken soup. Thanking Jesus we finally got out of the 80s (F) here in North Carolina and are enjoying a bit of fall. 80s are nice, but not so much in October. With November, we're shivering a bit in the 60s. Nice days; dog thinks he needs to go to the park, so off we go.

JES said...

Lovely as always... I’ve never lived in a snowy climate and I’m sure the cozy house is such a wonderful sanctuary at this time of year!

Linda Shukri said...

Love your post! Love the kitty! HA! That Lynx sure does look fluffy. I love the description your daughter gave of his paws. :-) I love your snowy photos. I miss the snow when it's 90 degrees in SC for 3 months! I'm not a high heat person being from New England. My husband doesn't mind not shoveling any more! I'm enjoying cooler weather now. Love your new mug. Very pretty! Have a good week. Hugs!

Annie said...

Winter has definitely arrived for you guys! It was threatening snow yesterday and we saw a few little flakes but nothing came of it. We are supposed to get a good amount of snow starting on Friday...we'll see!

Such a pretty little tea cup. I finally pulled some of my tea cups out of storage and have been enjoying using them for my afternoon cup of tea. I'm convinced tea tastes better when it's in a pretty tea cup. ;)

Hope you have a wonderful Monday!


Linda said...

My husband and I were fascinated with that cat who came to visit. So unusual looking, with little tufts of fur at the top of the ears and the fur so fluffy. Is it just a regular cat or a wild creature?
~ Blessings to you ~ Linda (New Zealand)