Monday 16 November 2020

Homemaking Mondays: Fill Your Home With Colour and Pleasant Smells

How is your day today? 
I'd love to share with you some pictures of the lovely
flowers that are blooming in my home today. 

I think that homes need to have colour.
Not loud in your face colour,
just gentle notes of it here and there.
Just enough to make you take pause to notice.

Colour in the home 
makes me think of joy.
Not the loud shouting kind,
but the gentle peaceful kind.

When I was young I remember on a cold winter's day
looking into a window and seeing flowers.
Now I see flowers in my windows and it brings 
me back to that moment. 
Seemed a bit out of place with the snow...
but it brought a slow dreamy smile to my face. 

Now colour doesn't have to come in the form of flowers
although they are wonderful.
Just a colourful blanket or quilt put out to snuggle in,
or a picture on the wall that has a lovely colour to 
draw one in to have a better look.

In our homes...
 we can give those possibilities to those that dwell in them?
Gentle smiles and appreciation..perhaps some joy?

One little speck of joy I have is seeing the leaves unfold 
from this little oak tree.

I love when the house smells good. 
On bread baking day the smell is one of my favourites.
Sometimes one can add a fresh scent by cleaning or 
putting essential oils in a diffuser.
I find I tend to lean towards those smells that come naturally.
Like fresh laundry and sheets, 
good food being prepared for those I love,
and fresh air that comes in when the doors/windows are flung open.
Good smells make the home inviting.

This past while I have started to add some sourdough 
to my bread and leave out some of the yeast.
It makes the bread taste so nice, but using 
the yeast still it makes it quicker 
then the traditional sourdough. 
It's about a cup of sourdough starter subbed for 1 Tb yeast. 
It makes lovely fluffy bread. 
A bit of buttermilk and some eggs make it even nicer.
Below is the leftover cinnamon bun dough 
that didn't fit in the other pan.
It made a lovely loaf. 
Of course it was all drizzled over with orange glaze. 

This week has been lovely in the little things.
There has been snow much of the time and sometimes
the flakes are big and fluffy and give me pause as I peer out the windows. 

I finished a pair of knitted woollen socks for my husband. 
I have a few socks planned so my work basket is full of woollen yarn 
awaiting being shaped into something useful. 

School lesson are going smoothly.
It is so nice to learn new things even when they are hard 
to figure out at times. 

So how has your week been? 
What kinds of colour and smells 
have filled your homes today?

Love and Prayers,



Linda Shukri said...

Everything sounds wonderful! Wish I could visit and smell your home of home-baked goodness! And have tea and bread! :-)

Margie said...

Your violets are glorious!

I was pleasantly surprised when my violets also started blooming last month.

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

Hello dear friend! I too crave color in my world, gentle beautiful colors that the Lord has created. How lovely your flowers are! And what a bountiful day of baking! Your bread looks amazing! I make sourdough bread once a week, and it is my favorite bread to make. It does take all day, but the result is a happy tummy, and now my family's favorite bread of all. It is always a delight to find sweet little joys in our day. Glad that things are going smoothly with your homeschool. We have had a week of rain and sunshine here, thankfully no snow. In fact, we had two snowstorms last week, but most of that snow has melted. I think of you often, may the blessings of the Lord be with you and your family!