Monday 23 November 2020

Homemaking Mondays: Broadening My Canning Horizons

Today I would love to show you
some of what I have been learning over the past year.

As the snow falls softly outside 
I have tucked yet another item into my pantry
as I have been
broadening my canning horizons. 

I have always loved to see rows of mason jars 
full of delightful colourful things. 
I have been canning jam for quite a long time,
 relish and salsa for not as long. 
I wanted to see what else I could put up in my pantry
for the cold days of winter. 

Today I tucked in some pressure canned beef stew 
to my pantry shelves as the newest addition
to my canning journey.
I really wanted to have some meals put away 
for days that we are rushed or 
not feeling up to cooking.

Then this year I also learned to can chicken.
I canned up some pint jars because they are the perfect
size to make a pot of chicken noodle soup. 

The chicken pared with some canned bone broth
and some canned carrots is perfect.
Throw in some noodles and 
you have a hearty meal for the whole family.

This  year I also learned to can 
roasted tomato soup. 
It is so delicious and next year I want to 
can a lot more of it.

I also learned to can pears.
Well....I do have a bit of learning left as you can see
my pears ended up floating.

I canned quart jars of carrots for meals,
and pint jars of carrots to go into soups.

I learned a new salsa recipe 
and it's delicious with chips 
or put into a meal. 
I like to mix a pan of chicken with a
jar of salsa and then put it into 
tortilla wraps with some cheese. 

So..just thought I'd share that as I was puttering in my pantry today.

This past week has been full of wonderful 
outdoor activities.

My boys have been working on building a snow castle
at the local community centre.
We had a nice break partway through our first day
and enjoyed some frozen M&M's on a "couch"
my son had chiseled out.

We've been meeting other homeschool families for outdoor 
skating at the rink.
The one day I forgot to bring my skates but enjoyed staying 
close to the wood stove.
I sure miss the feel of wood heat at home. 
~So this is a nice treat! 

Our community centre is hosting Saturday Family Fun Days.
We were able to borrow some skis for the winter,
and then get a ski lesson.  
Our family has never been cross country skiing together 
and so a couple lovely young ski coaches 
gave us a private lesson. 
I was so impressed with how well the children did for their first time
and it was really fun. 

SO now as the snow is falling outside 
and the children finish up their lessons for the morning
I shall make some lunch and then 
settle down for some knitting. 

Thanks for dropping by! 
Love and Prayers,


Annie said...

You certainly have been busy! In the past I've canned beef stew, zucchini relish and of course lots of jam. It's been quite a few years though. You are inspiring me to get back at it! There's nothing like having a pantry stocked full of homemade, canned food.


Sarah said...


It is such a treat to see all that you have been canning. Beef stew is a wonderful idea! Over the past few years I have canned a beef vegetable stoup that is delicious, but I know that my husband would love a substantial stew even more. : )