Thursday 26 March 2020

Just Some Time Making Cards

Today I'd just like to share with you some cards that I 
have had some fun making.  

I have some people in mind that I want to give cards to and 
well....I just kept on going. :) 

Then today I tried some very local tea.
On our family walk this morning we picked a little spruce branch,
then I added dried crushed rosehips from our yard (we harvested last fall),
and some frozen cranberries (we harvested last fall). 
Sweetened with some honey it was delicious! 

Next spring when the spruce tips come out I'll be harvesting some, 
and then I'll also be harvesting many more rosehips in the fall! 

Still looking forward to the change of seasons...
there is some melting going on...
and then more snow coming down.
Being patient... and drinking tea. 

I'm so thankful the Lord has blessed me with so many things to use...
both in His creation and also from various places.
I have quite a fun stash that has been put together 
over the years to work with. 

What have you been up to? 

Love and Prayers,


September Violets said...

Your cards are always so pretty Jennifer. Glad you are keeping busy with various crafting and tea creating. I am itching to get out for a walk on the trails, but we've only been walking around our neighbourhood each day to get the cobwebs out. I've been cleaning up the backyard as well and got out my big patio chair so I can sit out there with a book and a cup of tea while the sun is warm. Temps are rising just above 0' so not too chilly ;) I'm working on a big stash blanket I started a month ago. Keeps me from getting too overwhelmed with this situation. Hugs
Wendy xox

Sister in the Mid-west said...

Your cards are so pretty! I really like the sound of your harvested tea! I've never tried spruce or pine tea. I like to put lavender in my tea. I have been brewing a blend of chamomile and lavender in the mornings. It is pleasant and sets my mood for the day.

Linda Shukri said...

Love your cards! so pretty! I've never made cards. The past couple weeks I've been sewing up carpet bags for my Etsy shop. I have 9 right now. Just need to install the grommets and handles, then I can list them.

I recently bought some White rose tea. It's white tea with roses. It's so delicous! I'm thinking I'll post about it soon on my blog. :-)

Sunshine Country said...

I love your little tea pot that fits a strainer right on top! I have a small collection of teacups and teapots myself, but it's not very often that I actually use them. That sounds unique to use spruce in tea - I have never heard of that. Yes, it is wonderful all of the things the Lord has provided for us to use, isn't it! There's such an amazing variety of things that are good for our health, and He has made everything we need.

Recently, after being inspired by your post about making felt food, :) I was able to help two of my nieces make some. We made some pieces of pie - cherry and blueberry. My nieces enjoyed it quite a bit, so I wanted to thank you for sharing your project on here and giving me the idea. :) As my nieces grow older, and no longer play with their dolls, I suggested they can continue using their pie pieces as pin-cushions.