Monday 23 March 2020

Homemaking Mondays: Quiet Days

It has been a season of quiet days for us.  
Not uneventful....but but quiet. 

Since things are closing down and cancelled we've been enjoying 
even more time at home. 

Homeschooling is still going on for us, for as any parent can tell you that
a child with nothing better to do will get into trouble sooner or later. 

I have been doing things a bit differently and not as much bookwork.  
We've been doing book reviews for history, &
printouts for practice of plotting locations on maps.
We have a surplus of popcycle sticks so I've just let my
boys have at er and they are having fun.  
Going through lots of glue sticks to...but keeping busy doing something 
productive for them. 

Plus there is the regular needs of the home that we are all
working together in...just like usual.

My one daughter and I have been sewing curtains. 
Below are  the ones I did.  I had a very long curtain and so 
I cut of some of the material to make a smaller curtain for my son's room. 
No need to go and find more material...and the one curtain 
came from the free store so it was great! 

She made some curtains out of red checkered material.  
They go well with her woodsy style in her room. 

I was also able to work my way to the bottom of my mending pile. 
OH that is a wonderful feeling to see the bottom of the basket! 

Today I finally got around to making some mittens out of an old woolen sweater. 
Yes...just in time for winter to be coming to a close. 
Two had the cuffs on them and two didn't. 
So the two that don't have the cuffs will be liners for other mittens.

Oh the weather has been so amazing and warming up to just above freezing. 
Perfect for a picnic outside!  We got our fire going on the other 
side of the picnic an old satellite dish.
Hot dogs always taste best cooked over a fire!

There are some lovely icicles forming as the warmth is causing a bit of melting. 

The kids have been wanting to be outside more and more. 
The boys will play for hours in the snow. 
Below is their favourite that it's no longer a skating rink.  
Just had too much snow to keep up with it. 
They've made snow forts and trails with their GT's that they pretend 
are their snow mobiles. 
The sunshine and fresh air are so good for everyone! 

While I am not spending as much time outside with them...
I'm opening up windows to let fresh air in. 

Baking yummy banana bread and baked beans. 
It's good to enjoy the quiet at home.  
May we enjoy the company of those we love
 as we wait for things to start opening up again. 

Trust in the Lord and do not fear. 
Our lives are in His hands...just like they always have been.

Love and Prayers,


Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

What fun! You are simply amazing and I love how nothing goes to waste at your homestead! Love the outdoor pictures - so much snow still!

Sister in the Mid-west said...

Yu have so much snow! I can't believe that you were able to have a picnic! You must have a greater tolerance for the cold than we do down here. I'm so happy to see your daffodils! I love those harbingers of Spring. :) I was keeping my boys busy with a yeast science experiment yesterday. I'm sure they would like to use popsicle sticks and hot glue, as your boys are getting to do.

Margie said...

Gotta love it when you use up a stash!

The gloves turned out great. Yesterday, we had some snow that turned into rain. I guess winter isn't ready to go just yet!

Annie said...

Our days haven't changed much either. We still homeschool and do our usual daily routine. Thankfully my husband is still able to work for now. We live in Idaho but a couple of his job sites are across the border in Washington and with the shut down of Washington State we still aren't exactly clear how that is going to effect those jobs.

I love what you did with your curtains! I love tab top curtains.

How fun to have a picnic out in the snow with a little fire. We have had beautiful sunshine and all our snow was nearly melted but we woke up to snow this morning and it is still snowing now. We are at about 2 inches and counting. We knew it might snow but only a little dusting was expected! We are all quite surprised! :) It sure is pretty but I am also looking forward to when the sunshine returns.

I'm glad to hear you are doing well and staying healthy! God is so good and he is in control during this crazy time!


Sunshine Country said...

I enjoyed reading your post! I am from the States, but right now am up in Canada visiting my sister and her family. There is lots of snow here, just like your pictures. I have been amused to see how much different those up here tolerate the snow and call anything above 32 degrees "warm"! :)

It got up to just above freezing the other day, and my nieces and nephews were immediately bagging up their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to take outside for a picnic. :) It's not surprising to me, though, seeing how long you all have to be stuck indoors without any time outdoors. I myself have given in and gone out with the kids just to get some fresh air. It's a nice break from being inside so much. Your picnic looked like fun! Maybe I should suggest it to my sister. :)

I like the idea of making mittens from an old woolen sweater - I should try that sometime. Definitely saves time from having to knit the entire thing yourself. And yes - thank you for those good reminders to be trusting in the Lord. So many lean to fear, when we have a loving Saviour to thank for so many good things He has provided for us.

Linda Shukri said...

I love your outdoor picnic! Thanks for sharing all your projects. :-)