Saturday 14 December 2019

Homemaking Mondays: Butterflies and Indoor Fun

I'd like to share with you some fun butterfly cards that I have recently made.  
I had found this great set of chipboard butterflies and they 
kept popping out at me when I entered my craft space.  
So.... they needed to find a home. 

I know butterflies are a summer creature,
but they are lovely all year round.

I had fun putting together the papers and ribbons.  

These little postcards I got online ages ago 
needed homes to, so I made some more cards.
Then I was given some lovely brads and added those to.

Something fun to give to someone in the middle of winter. 
Some colour and to let others know they're thought of.

I made something this week out of pure desperation actually.
It was time to get something made for supper and I had not planned anything. 
Nothing sounded good so I headed to the fridge to see what needed to be used.
I found cream cheese, pesto, spinach, and some grated cheese.  
I needed bread as well, so I made some.  I used some of the dough like a pizza. 
I rolled it up after layering all the "leftovers" and added some sprinkle cheese on top.
I've since been educated that it's called stromboli. 
It was delicious! 

This week my kids for their homeschool meeting at the local community centre 
worked with another family to create a fun obsticle course...below is the beginning. 
It went all around the room and one of the mom's timed the kids and it was so fun! 
The kids tried to best their own times and it got a lot of energy out. 

Which was good for my kids had a morning in the kitchen and there was chocolate! 
My daughter and I put these together.

My daughter and sons made rice krispie squares together and then drizzled leftover 
chocolate over top.  It was leftover from dipping pretzels...never got a pic of those. 
They also made some cheese buns. 
I love it when we have kitchen times together my children and I. 
They are getting so good at the little things of measuring and problem solving for heating and such. 
We have the wood cookstove and it's a challenge to get the oven the right temp for the right amount of time. Then there is the stove top and finding just the right "hot spot". 
I love that my kids all can manage the wood stove and stock it when needed. 

Today we were out chopping wood and hauling it to the porch woodbox.
They are all hard workers and it doesn't take long to get that job taken care of. 

Then they headed to the skating rink beside the house.  
We had a blanket laid out on the bank to sit on.  
Our bench collapsed I'll have to find a way to fix that. 
For now the bank works.  

Winter is a wonderful time to do things indoors and outdoors.
What have you been up to?

Love and Prayers,

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Christine said...

I love your blog! So creative! From the cards to the obsticle course to those adorable penguins! CREATIVE!