Monday 8 July 2019

Homemaking Monday: God Answers Prayer

I know it's been quite some time since I have posted.  
My family has been in the throws of answered prayer.  
Our family was having to move and we had no place to go to...until 7 days before we had to be out.  The Lord provided us a place to move to...but there was a two week interim between. 
The Lord Jesus provided all the details.  
The storage for our things, the care for our plants and animals. 
Even some great neighbours to help move the greenhouse and furniture to our new place.
It has all been a blessing although it didn't all work out in the timing we had in our own minds. 
God knows best!  

We ended up spending our couple weeks camping at a local RV park.  They had some private tenting spots and it was a huge blessing.  Yes, laundry, showers, and they even froze our cooler packs overnight for us so we didn't have to buy ice! 
SO if you are ever in the Yukon, I highly recommend the Caribou RV park.  
The couple running the place are so friendly and make that place very inviting!  

So here are some pictures of our camping adventure. 
It was quite a different kind of housekeeping during this time. 
Our one truck was our "chuck wagon", and stashed all the odds and ends that had been left in the house as well. All the extra coats, laundry and what not. 
There wasn't a grate over the firepit so my husband pulled out a camp stove from his stash for me to use.  It was very helpful so I didn't have to always be standing in the smoke holding the frying pans over the fire.  We ate a lot of hot dogs and hamburgers. Lots of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

We ate lots of bannock and local eggs. 
I love that fresh eggs unwashed can be kept at "room temperature" so it freed up space in the coolers. 
When we moved out everything that was left in the fridge and freezer went into our coolers. 

We had our camp spot spread out a bit with two tents.  One for my husband and I along with our boys.  Then another for the girls and the dog.  

We had a couple camp foxes that came up in the middle of the night to sniff around...and eventually tease our girls and the dog in their tent.  It would come up and stick it's head under the overhanging tarp on the tent and peek in the screen.  Poor Sophie our dog would loose all control.  Then the fox would come around the front of the tent and wait for my daughter to come out.  The fox must have thought it great fun... my daughter... not so much.  My husband bought slingshots and we used pine cones as ammunition.  

My husband pulled out this great big tarp for us as it was quite rainy for a few days.
It was weighted down in one section to allow for drainage... and on a fun note when it was raining heavily it made for a great rinse station. :)  

The boys found lots of dead little trees in the bush and built themselves a cool fort. 

There were some great walking trails behind the campground and we enjoyed discovering where they went.  There were lots of birds and undergrowth to explore and learn about.  
Funny thing is that many of the birds were up in the trees and were hard to see.  BUT... you could sure hear them, especially in the middle of the night!!! 
Also a never got dark as we are in the Yukon and 
the sun doesn't actually set at this time of year.

Of course we needed to have some of the kids favourite toys come along. 
Moosie loved his camping time to! 

At the park was a common use cabin where there was wifi available.  
It had a great old usable stove and lots of old artifacts of the gold rush times.

I loved the inviting red gingham curtains.

So, even though it was an unexpected time.  
We are very thankful for the Lord's provision and care for us.  

Thanks for dropping by! 
Love and Prayers,


mamasmercantile said...

You were truly blessed that the Lord answered your prayers and looked after you all. Sounds like quite the adventure, camping and creating some lovely memories to treasure.

Linda S. said...

Sounds like a blessed time. How fun! :-) Loved the photos. Hope your move finishes well. Love, Linda