Tuesday 9 July 2019

A New Place to Call Home

Here is our new place that we call home.
It is still in the area from where we moved from...so we get 
to stay in the same great community we have come to love. 

This place is place is in a marshy area that was flooded when the water level rose.
So we can definitely say that we have waterfront property.  We just rent so we aren't going to be doing anything grand around the place.  We have cleared some of the algae from close to the house.. and the kids have fun catching frogs that live there. :) 
It is really nice to know that we can go canoeing anytime.  
The water is shallow, but it's still great! 
The birds and the beavers have been so wonderful to watch!

We are surrounded by mountains and the expanse of water allows us a better view of them.
Right now the wildfire smoke obscures them from view much of the time...but that will change over time. Thankfully the water helps us breathe when the smoke gets really heavy.

There is a wonderful porch off the kitchen and we really enjoy sitting out there watching the sun set. 
The little freezer beside the picnic table is now up on the porch along with the bbq. 
It's a lovely big house!  My girls now have rooms of their own and I love to see them personalizing their spaces. The boys are sharing and it's working well for them as they have almost always been together. There is a separate office for my husband as well. 

I absolutely love this wood cook stove and am eagerly awaiting cooler weather to get it fired up! 
It's a Pioneer Maid and I can foresee it getting lots of cooking time in.

We were able to bring our greenhouse along.  Not much in it this year...and since there was no outdoor shed the plants have to share. 

I love that there are some little shelves around the windows in the kitchen.  
On one of them I put a painting my daughter did and added a couple little vases and some chamomile from the greenhouse.
I grow lots of chamomile for tea.

I also harvested some wild arnica that was at the end of our driveway. 
I put it in oil and it'll steep for a few weeks.

I also started some Moroccan mint from cuttings.  As soon as it's rooted well it'll be potted up to supply us with lots more mint for tea.  We also have spearmint and chocolate mint in the dining room window.

This is one of my favourite little cubbies in the new house.  
My comfy chair and sweet stool give me a lovely place to enjoy tea, 
write in my planner and gaze out the window at the ducks and their ducklings. 

Another of my favourite spots is this wooden bench just outside the kitchen on the porch.  
I have my potted daisies and some chamomile.

The Lord has been so good.  He truly blesses us with things we do not deserve. 
We are all getting settled in and it's feeling like home.  

Love and Prayers,


mamasmercantile said...

May your beautiful home always be filled with love, home is where the heart is...

Margie said...

Your new home is lovely. How wonderful that your spacious new home is still in the same community.

Linda S. said...

Hi Jennifer! Awesome spot, awesome house and everything! WOW! How wonderful that the LORD provided this great place for you and your family. I love your stove. How nice you are still in the same area.
Enjoy! :-)