Monday 22 July 2019

Home Making Mondays: Washing Space

Today I'd love to share with you about my washing space.  
We have moved into a new home and it has it's own room set aside for laundry. 
This in new to me, but it's also a wonderful blessing. 
It has a full sized washer, dryer, and a sink.  
The last place we lived the washer/dryer were in the bathroom. 
It worked just fine there, but it's nice to have a place in the house
 set aside just for this task.  I know that this isn't a common thing in most homes.
The washer and dryer here are extra capacity (compared to my apartment size before).
Now I can wash twice as much laundry at once and 
it takes no time at all to do the regular laundry.
There are two little windows in this room and the natural light is so nice. 
There were no shelves in the room so I took a board we had, 
put a couple cloths under it and balanced it on the backs of the appliances. 
I now keep my clothes pins (which I can use on the indoor clothes line 
that hangs above the appliances), my laundry soap and the makings for laundry soap,
the dryer clothes and my paper towel supply on the shelf. 
Yes, I haven't gone paperless in this house. 
There are still things I use it for...but less all the time. 
My most used item I make from paper towels is homemade wet wipes.  
Not for babies, but for quick clean ups.  
I mix rubbing alcohol, a couple squirts of dish soap and water 
then layer folded paper towels into the solution in an old yogurt container.  
Works great to clean up quick messes.

I also have all my cleaning supplies in the laundry room.
As a house warming present to me, I bought
some new micro fiber clothes at Canadian Tire.
Then I also splurged on some new laundry baskets as some of our others were 
quite damaged.  Thankfully there was a big sale so it was an easy splurge.

There is a special joy in having these things to help us in our homemaking days. 
Sometimes just a new cleaning cloth is all it takes to make the task nicer.

 It has had me thinking of this special aspect of homemaking.  
There is a blessing in this task. 
Something special as we care for the basic need our family has for clean clothing.
Many people speak of this aspect of homemaking as drudgery...but
in reality it is all in how you look at it.  
Serving our families needs to come from our heart and our desire 
to serve the Lord in what He has for us to do.  
Take time while you clean, whether it be laundry, scrubbing your floors, windows, 
kitchens, or bathrooms. 
To think on things above...on scripture, on praying for the needs of others, or 
planning for the needs of your family that are coming up. 
There is no need to grumble or complain... take joy in being part of this important
need your family has. 

Awhile ago I purchased this cute sign that sits in my laundry area.  
It makes me smile when I walk in to start some laundry.
It was made by a single mom who was making signs to help 
provide for her children and still be home.

I'd also like to share with you this sweet printable that I found on a ladies blog a few years ago. 
I have it printed off, coloured a bit and pinned up in my laundry room as well.  
Mine is water stained now, but helps me to think on the things of the Lord as I work. 
You can find it on her post HERE about laundry.

Do you find joy in doing laundry? 
Do you have a special room or cubby for laundry?
Just remember to take joy in the task, 
 think on the things of the Lord as you work.  

Love and Prayers,


Vicki said...

hello Jennifer, it is good to see you posting on your blog again. I have read your blog for a long time and have always been blessed by it. You are a true example of a Proverbs 31 woman. We have a separate small laundry room in our home, there is a pantry in it as well. I enjoy doing laundry but have never made my own laundry soap. Re the micro-fibre cloths, I use them to swiffer the floor. Get up in the morning, attach a micro-fibre cloth to an old swiffer mop and do the floors each day before anything else.

Margie said...

I'm definitely grateful for the modern convenience of a washing machine and dryer. My washer and dryer are located in a separate room in the basement

Linda S. said...

Hi Jennifer!
Thanks for showing us your new laundry room! I've been blessed to always have had a laundry room on the main floor. My 2nd home laundry room shared space with a half-bath and it was roomy. My 3rd house now has a laundry room with the half-bath inside with a separate door which is nice. We're in a new house these past 6 months and when I get my act together, my laundry room and attached half bath will be wallpapered with blue hydrangeas. The wallpaper has been sitting in a box for a few months! Alas! :-) I plan on having an elegant half-bath and laundry space. I also looked up that website you had a link for. I had seen it in the past. She (Jen) isn't writing anymore on it, but she has lots of great ideas for the home. I also like your laundry sign! :-)
Love, Linda

living from glory to glory said...

Hello, So happy you are in your new home!! The laundry room will be a huge blessing. I love that little prayer poem. And I so agree I am so thankful to be able to provide the ministry of clean clothes... Hope you are well and enjoying your new home! So sorry I have been scarce, I have had a few health issues, learning endurance and leaning upon the Lord...
Hugs, Roxy