Tuesday 16 October 2018

Berry Woollen Blanket

I have a lovely woollen crochet blanket I'd like to share with you. 

I was gifted with some lovely woolen yarn for my birthday. 
This is a real treat to have wool yarn to use. 
I pondered for a while as to what I'd make with it. 

I went and bought a few more balls of yarn that they had since this brand was on clearance and I wanted to make something bigger then first intended.  
I didn't want to make it too big as I need to hand wash it. 
This is wool from Peru....thought that was cool!

I settled on a giant granny square blanket for me to snuggle in on my bed. 
I decided to make two rows of each colour, and the pattern changed a bit as I moved outward as some of the yarn was used up (and the store was out of that colour). 

To finish it off, I just added simple scallops to it.  
It is lovely and warm, and fits me and one of my younger children under it as we snuggle on my bed and chat. My bed often is a place to congregate and share deep conversations, or just snuggle, or read together, or crochet, or pay games.  
You get the idea... a lovely meeting place, 
and now under a lovely warm new blanket. 

Thank you for dropping by!  

Love and Prayers,


mamasmercantile said...

Its beautiful, a lovely snuggly blanket. I am sure it will be remembered with fondness in years to come, with the precious memories of conversations had whilst snuggling under it.

Sarah said...

Hi Jennifer,

Your blanket looks very cozy and lovely! The colors are so pleasing together. Lavender/purple and blue are my favorite colors. : ) I also really like the scallop edging. It is the perfect finishing touch.


Danielle Dunn said...

Its beautiful! And its warm (speaking from experience LOL) I love it <3

Christine said...

I always admire someone who can create beauty from "nothing".
The blues are so yummy.

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

What a lovely gift to yourself! I love the colors of the blanket, and hearing about the special times shared under the blanket as well! Enjoy every minute of those times, truly you are molding and shaping your children as you spend those precious moments with them. Always such a blessing to visit with you Jennifer :)