Monday, 8 October 2018

A little Blackboard

Just a little post to share with you something that I've put up in my home.  
It is a little blackboard that I found at the free store.  

I have decided to write random Bible verses on it with chalk (not the pens) This is the bookshelf that is at the bottom of the stairs that we notice most often, thought it was a good place for it.  
I added a basket of cones, a couple garden squash too small to eat, and some lemon balm that I am rooting.  The boys added the horse drawn milk truck, and the little cat. :)  

The snow has begun to fall here in the Yukon so the snowflakes that I'd left up from last winter seem to fit once again.  

I took this picture first thing this morning as the sky was starting to lighten.  All that fresh snow makes the outdoors so bright and cheerful. Later in the day the sun came out and oh how gorgeous it was as it sparkled.  

*Oh a little note.  I have been trying to comment of blogs lately....but for some reason it just deletes my comments instead?  So....I am visiting, but not able to leave a comment.  Sorry. 

I hope you have a lovey day! Thanks for dropping by! 



Priscilla Bettis said...

The chalkboard is adorable. I have one, too! It has a song verse on it right now. The snow is pretty.:-)

Jessie E.D. said...

That is a great place for the chalkboard. :) And we kids tracked all that pretty snow up with a snowball fight lol, but if you look in the right places it's still untouched haha!

mamasmercantile said...

Such a lovely idea. So much snow already.

Christine said...

The picture of your snow is wonderful! Looks like it must of been during "the blue hour", the hour before sunrise.

I've been having problems leaving comments, also!

Margie said...

What a cute idea! Sometimes it's hard to believe that we live in the same country...while you're enjoying the snow, we're in the midst of another heat wave (feels like 37 with the humidity).

Danielle Dunn said...

So cute :) And I'm glad the snow is gone for now lol