Thursday 6 September 2018

School and Fall begin in Earnest

Here at our home, school and fall have begun in earnest.  
Formal lesson times have resumed, and it is fun to be doing new things and with enthusiasm.  
This year we bought a few new books and my children love to read real life happenings. 

One fall activity that has been accomplished was to put up some more wind chimes.  
In our case, we'd been collecting bells and odds and ends of broken wind chimes.  
Here are a couple that we made.  
First one has some metal rods, a bell in the middle with a wooden piece to catch the wind.  It's all hung from a stick that we found in our scrap pile.

Second one here is just a bunch of strings of bells of different sizes hung by fishline from a stick.  
It sounds so pretty when the wind catches it.  

Last post I shared about this little desk that I inherited.  
It is a lovely little item that is very practical for us.  

Inside it holds the pencils, pens, erasers, markers, notebooks for Bible verses, 
play money for counting, math number charts for various skills. 

As fall is descending, it's cooler.  It's the perfect time to enjoy the warm of homemade shawls. 

The lovely shawl pin was a gift by a dear friend. 

The colours are emerging and are so lovely to take the time to really notice. 
I encourage you to not only look from afar, but as the colours emerge where you live, 
take a closer much intricacy.  

I've brought some flowers into the greenhouse to last a bit longer.
Now that the vegetables are finished up, there is more room.

Oh, and I love the colour that many of our rhubarb leaves turn.  
Always gives me reason to pause and take a closer look. 

My younger daughter loves to get up close and capture the tiny details. 
Below is a pic of her hiding in amongst the fireweed that has gone to seed. 
It's so amazing to watch the gentle breeze capture the seeds in gentle waves...
sending them off to a place yet to be found.

Here is one of her sweet pictures that she took that day.

Thanks for dropping by!  
I'd love to hear about your school or fall time happenings! `

Love and Prayers,


Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

It just hit me Jennifer that with home schooling you too are constantly learning along with the children. Even as a grandmother I continue to learn with classes and studies attended. Sometimes I do online classes which are free and so many topics to choose from.
I think we are finally at the end of the hot and humid weather that dominated this summer. We are thankful for A/C as life would have been a challenge without it.
Enjoy the last days of summer.

mamasmercantile said...

Our thoughts are just turning to Autumn and Winter preparations. It was a joy to visit your blog today and share some of your Autumn observations, I love the idea of a making a wind chime.

fiona said...

So much stunning beauty around us.
Such a pretty shawl🌼