Sunday 8 April 2018

Tea Stuff Stash

Just thought I'd share with you a bit about a project I just did.  
My teacups/ mugs were in a terrible jumble and needed some attention. 

I cleaned out both shelves of this cupboard.
Bought a metal shelf to put in the bottom section.  
Not highly fancy, but functional.
I took a bunch of mugs that we've not used in years and put them at the free store. 
My daughters use the mugs for tea, but mostly the mugs are exclusively for hot chocolate. 

I arranged the tea cups so they're stacked in such a way as to make them more accessible.  
So much nicer to just reach in and pick a set to use. 

I have a stack of mismatched saucers/ plates to use for treats. 
Under the plates, is a glass plate from my grandmother that is edged with gold and sectioned into three for serving dainties.   
Do you collect odd saucers to?  

It is such a blessing to have a selection of mugs and tea cups to chose from. 
Makes tea time more fun. 

With organizing the tea cups I decided the tea pots should all be put together and easily accessible to.  
So I put them all up on the stove fan hood.  

My mom gave me this sweet teapot/ cup set and it is special as she loves tea as well.

Then we also have a hot chocolate pot!  
This we found at the free store and it just had to come home. 

They all surround this sweet plate that was a gift for my wedding, 
along with the lamp that was also a wedding gift.  

1 Peter 1: 21-23 KJB

I hope you are having a lovely day!  
Perhaps you might even have time for a cup of tea?



God's Grace Overflows said...

Well Hello!

It feels so good to organize any cabinet in my opinion. Pretty tea cups you have. I keep mine in my china cabinet. I have a ton of coffee mugs for coffee and cocoa!
What a cool hot chocolate pot. I have not seen one like that before.

I do have lots of odd dainty plates I've found over the years. It's fun to pull them out for tea and coffee time.

I hope you have a delightful week, Jennifer.

Has Spring sprung in your neck of the woods??

Thinking of you...

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

Those little racks are sure the best aren't they? I saw where someone also put in the little cup hooks and the cups were suspended in the 'dead space' above the plates in the cupboard. You have some really pretty cups and saucers!

mamasmercantile said...

Such a wonderful collection. Such a good idea to get a metal shelf to make things easier.

Margie said...

What a great idea to use the metal rack to get extra storage. I maximized the photo so that I can ogle the tea pretties more closely. HA! I also liked the way the colourful teapots are lined up on the stove fan hood.