Thursday 5 April 2018

Daffodils and Doilies

Today I'd love to share with you some daffodils and doilies. 

I was at the grocery store and there was a few ladies selling daffodils. 
The though of fresh flowers and colour led me to buy some.  

I'm not usually a compulsive buyer, 
so I didn't feel bad about splurging a bit.  

Then while getting treats at the Feed Store for our dog, 
we were gifted with a few more. 

How delightful they are and there is plenty to put in multiple vases to put around the house. 

Last night they were all closed up still, but upon waking this morning,
they were starting to pop open!  

What a cheerful sight!
Oh the joys of the feeling of Spring.  
Although this past little while I have been convicted about being grumpy about waiting for spring.  
I am reminded that the Lord has everything perfectly planned and I must accept that He knows best. 

May you also find joy in the the details of each day, not always waiting for another. 

Then I've also been making doilies again.  

They are fun to make and are very versatile. 

The first one here is called Mini Cluster Doily

This second one is called AMI Flower Patterned Doily

Both doilies are about 6 inches across.  I used size 10 crochet thread and a size 7 hook from England. 

It's nice to have something quiet to keep my hands busy while I have nothing pressing to do.  

Praying you have a wonderful day! 



Danielle Dunn said...

seems yesterday was a compulsive buying day lol! :) They look really nice. And so do the doilies. Its hard to wait...but we'll take each day as it comes.

mamasmercantile said...

Beautiful daffodils, a lovely sign of Spring when they are growing outside. You certainly have a talent for making doilies, they are beautiful.

Debby Ray said...

Ah...a fellow doily lover, YES! Your daffodils are gorgeous and everything looks better on a doily! I have many of them and I don't care that they are out of style, as some say. They will never do out of style in my house! Have a blessed weekend!

R's Rue said...


Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

Such beautiful daffodils! I just love their cheery happy yellow faces!!! I would have been buying some right along with you :) It helps to have cheery spring colors in the house, even if outside is not quite there yet! We are having a cold wet spring too, and I am finding things to do inside still, but looking forward to those outdoor days very soon! Your doilies are gorgeous! It is always wonderful to have a project that our hands can work at when there is not much else to be done. Enjoy your weekend sweet friend :)

September Violets said...

The daffodils are beautiful! Nice work on the doilies. I agree that we have to find something to bring us joy on the 'in-between days'. That's why I went for a long 2-hour walk along the waterfront yesterday. I just had to get out, and my dog was in complete agreement.