Thursday 19 April 2018

Making Room for Growing


Thanks for dropping by!  
Today I would love to share with you a bit about my making room for growing plants. 

That is one thing about planting seeds or making cuttings...they grow, 
and then you have to find room for all of them.

Today I moved my violets away from their spot on my desk to behind me on the stovetop. 
It's too warm to use the wood stove now, so the space is available. 

Then I put in their place some mint starters. 
I had make cuttings a bit ago, and today I separated out most of them 
and planted them in their own pots. 

Below you can see them.  
The chocolate mint is in the big pot: that will stay in the house this summer.
Then the little pots of Moroccan Mint will be planted outside.

We have flowers!!!!  
This is the first lone marigold flower...and there are more to come. 

It is always nice to have flowers, even if it's long before they go outside.  
The summer here is so short, that the early colour is welcome.  
(In the Yukon things start to freeze off by mid August.)

My daughter's geranium cuttings are also bursting into bloom! 
There are coral and bright pink (Sorry no pics yet of the bright pink).
They are occupying the downstairs window box (that we keep the extra blankets in). 

A burst of colour to cheer the soul! 

I hope you have a splendid day!  

Do you have plants for your garden growing in your house?  
Do share!

Today my sons helped me to plant sunflowers, nasturtium, and zucchini.  
I think that is the last of the seeds that we'll plant. 
It's a beautiful thing to watch the miracle of life as plants grow from seed to fruiting.  
God's glory and amazing diversity has me in awe! 

Genesis 1: 11-12

I pray you have a great day! 


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