Monday 12 February 2018

Surprise Tea

Hello!  Today I have a special surprise tea I made up for my children today. 

My girls were downstairs doing school lessons and painting. 
So I made up a tray of tea and little cookies for them.  

I took the girls tea down on the tray and they were pleasantly surprised.  

Once I came upstairs, our dog seeing I didn't have the tray with me went down to join in the treats. 

Of course the boys and I wanted tea as well so I made up a pot.  

I laid out a doily placemat on my silver serving tray.
I added a tea cup for one daughter and tea mug for the other. 
A jar of cane sugar and a plate of cookies. 
I don't usually allow sweets in the morning but thought it would be fun today. 

I have discovered this chuck cane sugar at the store in the bulk bins.  
I have mixed feelings about bulk bins, but when you have to turn a lever it's better then having the bins open for "anything" to get in there. Just a thing of mine. 

I found this sweet Royal Albert China plate "Birch Trees" at the free store. 
It's perfect for little treats like these. 

I used my Country Lane tea cups for most of us, and the little Switzerland tea spoon. 

Then I pulled out a tea mug for my eldest daughter who isn't a huge fan of the dainty tea cups.

We had some Jasmine Green Tea that we recently discovered through a friend.  

It is a nice delicate floral tea, and with a touch of sweetness it is now one of my favourites.

Thank you for dropping by!  
I hope you are having a lovely day, and perhaps a nice cup of tea.


Danielle Dunn said...

Thanks for bringing the tea for us, definitely made our day better. :) it was great to have cookies to, in the morning haha!!! And yeah Sophie got the non chocolate crumbs. ;)

Anonymous said...

Everything looks so beautiful!


mamasmercantile said...

Such a beautiful setting, the doily and the stunning Royal Albert plate was a joy.

Margie said...

I love everything about your delightful tea party: pretty blue and white transferwares, dainty teacups serving jasmine green tea and cookies!

Have you ever tried a jasmine tea latte? When my friend offered to make me one, I had misgivings about adding milk to green tea, but it turned out to be delicious!