Monday 12 February 2018

Old Silver Tray

Today I have a lovely find to share with you.  
I actually found this a couple of years ago I think.
Just an old silver tray right?
It was so heavily tarnished, scratched and stained that I almost left it at the free store.

I tried cleaning it with a chemical tarnish remover...didn't work and smelled SO bad. 
I got discouraged and took it out and put it in the flower bed with my other metal items.

Then this past year a friend Wendy from September Violets told me about cleaning with baking soda. 
We'll....there is me procrastinating but I did bring it in the house and wash it with my dishes.  
I  have used it covered for things like with the tea surprise. 

Then today I decided was the day to give it another try.  
I dumped some baking soda and water on the tray and started to scrub. 
Wow, it was amazing how the tarnish came off and even though it was a lot of work (and I'll do another round later) it looks wonderful!  

Here is a before shot of the bottom.  That is what all of it looked like.

Scrub scrub scrub....lots of elbow grease needed.

But oh the rewards! I love the etching on this tray!

The last wonderful thing about this is that I was able to uncover this stamp 
that explains a bit about this item. 

I love things that have stories attached to them.  This item was made in Canada to! Things from time past that were used and loved, and at times forgotten about.  It's now a cherished item in my home. 

Thanks for dropping by!  I hope you have a lovely day!


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mamasmercantile said...

What a beautiful tray, I have some silver cutlery that needs a good clean, a great tip to use baking soda I will give it a try.