Friday 8 December 2017

Homemade Doggie Booties

Hello!  Today I'd love to share with you some dog booties that I made for my dog.  

We looked all over but couldn't find any that suited, so I looked at some at the pet store that were for smaller dogs and figured I could do the same. 

I went to a sewing shop and bought some velcro without the sticky stuff on it.  

I missed a picture of the fleece before I started.  
I cut it into strips 12 inches long by 4 inches wide.

I cut the poky velcro strip to 4 inches and sewed it on close to the top of the felt.  
Then in the picture below you can see the soft velcro side is turned so that it doesn't "stick" to the poky side.  I laid down the soft velcro across the poky stuff, then flopped the other side of the fleece over so that it matched up with the top of the other side.  (so that it looks like I'm sewing it inside out) 

You have to do this with the velcro, or when you wrap it around the dog's leg it actually attaches correctly.  No need to ask how I came to that conclusion. ~smiles~

Then all I did was sew down one side, and then the other.  
Turned it right side out and was done.  Simple!  

Next pictures shows how it is sewn in so that nothing will catch on it and rip it off. 

Then I just wrapped the soft velcro over on itself and stuck it to the poky side until it's needed.  

So nice to have these finished and our dog can use them.  She's a bit older and her feet get cold faster so this was a simple solution to that.  She loves being outside, and this just makes her a bit more comfortable...after she gets used to them that is. 

I'm sure you've seen dogs try booties on for the first time...a bit of a giggle fest often follows for those watching.  

Thanks for popping by!  
Hope you have a wonderful day! 


Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

How cute is this!? Okay, so on the news last week they were talking about how we cannot say "Velcro" if it's not actually Velcro as that is a brand name (like how we use Kleenex and Xerox copy for any type of tissue or copier, etc.) and that we should call it "Hook and Loop" haha. And I had to laugh at your comment about how you concluded the right way to attach the "hook and loop". We bought boots for our dog a few years ago and have hysterical video of her trying to get used to walking with them! Makes me want to go onto YouTube to watch others!

Danielle Dunn said...

Lol Sophie was NOT impressed with them at first. Never mind that she figured out how to take off the velcro off the bootie the first five minutes she had them on lol!!!

September Violets said...

These look great Jennifer! I thought I would try making some dog boots last year, but then I found some that were like thick balloons and they stuck on my dog's feet really well. They were disposable, but a pack of three lasted me two years. Your boots look very soft for the dog. I'll bet your dog has warm happy feet now!

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

OH I love the video!! Sweet baby! It's like she's trying to get gum off her paw and it just won't come off haha! Wow, you have quite a bit of snow there! We just got our first 'measurable' snow last night which was about an inch. Expecting a few more tonight. Bummer for me - I broke my ankle so getting around in snow is not an option -- lots of 'in house' projects for me now!

God's Grace Overflows said...

These turned out cute!! Did she get used to them after awhile? I don't know if our girl would keep them on or our other dogs would chew them off. Ha!

I hope you are well!

Enjoy your weekend!
Hugs, Amy