Wednesday 29 November 2017

Things to Brighten Your Day

Here are just some odds and ends that have brightened my days. 

We have had mostly cloudy overcast days that are quite muted as of late.  
Then the Lord blessed with this day of glorious sunshine and blue sky!  

OH how it cheered my heart!  

I also found some lovely vintage signs/ printable on Pinterest.  I printed them off, cut them out, layered them over some dark blue card stock and stuck them up.  

Something to freshen up the spaces.  There are many people who love big open spaces, but not me.  
I find that I love "stuff", and I find it interesting.  

These new signs make me smile!  
You can find them HERE! 

Then I've also seen so many beautifully designed pies lately.  
I made some of our own...maybe not so beautiful as others, 
but very delicious and they made us smile!  

It is such a comfort to me and a joy to take notice of simple things in life.  

Have you been discouraged?  Do you feel like life is a little bit "plain"? 
I encourage you to look around you and notice the beauty in God's creation, 
to add something new however small to your environment,
or bake yourself something yummy.  

Thanks for dropping by!  
You also make me smile!  
Praying you have a lovely day! 

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Danielle Dunn said...

The pies were good lol. : )

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

Jennifer this is such good advice -- especially when the days are shorter (and for you darker AND shorter and snowy-er!) and we don't see much sun. I get down during the winter so those sunny days really DO make things better. I will keep in mind your suggestion of adding even one small thing to the environment to make us smile and to REALLY look around for the beauty of God's creation. When everything is dry and brown and damp and muddy, it's a bit more of a challenge haha! When I take our dog to the local nature preserve for walks in the spring, summer and fall, it's easy to see beauty. Winter is more challenging but I know it IS there! Your pictures and the way you used them adds a real warmth and fun to your space. Those doilies -- ooh my!! They are beautiful!!

handmade by amalia said...

I love the look of your pies, they would cheer me up any day of the week.

Mrs. U said...

I LOVE those cute signs!! Thank you for providing a link!!

And your pies are so pretty!!

Mrs. U

God's Grace Overflows said...

Hello!! I just can't get over how fast the days are flying. I have been so busy the passed couple months. So reading your post was much needed. :)

I love your signs. Such a super cute idea for cheap. Sometimes I just need to rearrange a few things throughout my home to add a bit of cheer and brightness. We haven't had much bad weather in awhile which is good, I guess. Even though we could use some moisture. I've tried to enjoy the days as much as I can, because its just good for the soul.
And pretty pies...yes please!! This is the time of year we do a lot of baking, so I best get prepared!! ;)
Enjoy your week my friend!!


September Violets said...

Love the Sew sign! I tend to have lots of 'interesting' things around my house. My family calls it clutter, but it's hard not to display pretties ;) Your pies look delicious! I cut out little shapes for the tops of my pies too (I have so many, I've never used them all!!). Love that snowy scene. We have no snow here at all yet, but there were a few snowplows and salters driving around town today spreading salt all over the roads, but it's still clear even tonight!