Sunday, 26 November 2017

String Art with Animals

Hello!  Today I'd love to share with  you one of the activities that our small homeschool group had fun doing.  
My oldest daughter led this class as it is a skill that she has acquired.  

She made a fun demo for everyone to see and painted a quote on it as well.  
For the class they only had time to paint the background and then do the string art.  
Later at home some of the creations got quotes.

So everyone of the children got to pick a colour to paint the background.  

Then they chose an animal silhouette.  
They took a hammer and pounded in the finishing nails all around the shape. 
Then they tore the paper off from around the nails.  

Then the stringing commenced.  Everyone got a small ball of crochet thread and they wove the string back and forth until they decided that it was complete. 

Below are a few that my children made for the class.  They are now set up around the house. 

It is wonderful to see them using their fine motor skills in such a fun and interesting way!  

Thanks for dropping by!  Hope you have a great day! 

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Danielle Dunn said...

I'm glad everybody liked it :)