Thursday 21 December 2017

Winter Frost and a New Hat

Hello! How is your day?  
Here in the Yukon it's gotten cold and frosty again. 

It's fun to go outside and see new places of frost and fresh snow.  
It's been so icy with the warmer temps we had that the slippery ice is starting to get covered up and is safer to get around on now.  

I love ice crystals, and how they are just a bundle of intriguing shapes, often glowing in the light.   

It's so interesting to have the kids study the intricate details of these crystals, and to see the variety that is created.  Plus, tasting goes on as well.  You know the scientific kind. 

I also love the frost on the side of boards.  

With some fresh snow that we had, we have been watching the variety of prints that criss crossing our yard.  Mice, squirrels, dogs, birds, and kids.  :)  

There is even a squirrel highway across the river from our place to the other shore as they are going back and forth to the feeders and the squirrels are chasing each other trying to fend off intruders to their territories.  You might need to click on the picture below to see it larger to see the highway.  

The river is still open is a couple spots, but is freezing over again quickly with the colder temperatures. 

Unfortunately the trail we often walk up the river has had so much overflow on it that it's too dangerous to tread now.  Below you can see where the trail curves around by the trees, and to the left drops off to the river. 

If you ever fell, you'd just slide right down...not safe! 

Lots of pretty frost along the over flow though. 

With the colder temps I decided to use a new ball of yarn I was given to make a new hat.  
I am kinda one to lean toward the slouchy hats, so this was perfect for me.  

It kind of looks tight around the brim, but it's very stretchy and very soft! 
I did modify it a touch.  I started off with a 5.5mm hook, and did the brim with a 5mm hook.  

The yarn is from Stitch Studio, and the pattern I used is:

Thank you for dropping by!  I hope you are enjoying the joy of winter!  
It's amazing that this year is coming to a close quickly.  


Danielle Dunn said...

So pretty but very cold lol! I love your new hat it looks so good on you :)
This year was pretty fast paced and its hard to believe its almost done.

September Violets said...

I see mostly rabbit & squirrel prints in our backyard snow. That river does look a bit menacing. I'm never comfortable crossing frozen rivers, just small creeks. Love the new hat! Looks very icy & wintry in the colours. I too want to knit myself a new hat as the couple I have are stretched out of shape.